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  1. I have been following this as I have started building in Scale 7 a particular location in Newcastle which has two double slips and a single slip in close proximity to each other at the entrance of the yard. I am guessing that 1:7 is too big. Anyone know were I could find 1:6 templates. Oh! The next fun bit is that they have to be cobbled over when constructed.
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    You need Templot, it will do all the hard work for you,

    or these people seem to do something

    T7DS6 - 1:6 Double Slip.
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    If you used Templot, you could have 1:6.5 or 1:7.2 or whatever ratio if the location required it!
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    If modelling track work in the NER area then what might you find in the PW Manual available from the North East Railway Association?
  5. Thanks for link Richard. I have 2 double slips and a single en route. They will be the data point on the shunting plank to work from, compromise reasons, for my Newcastle Quayside yard. Got the loco's and the wagons and a track plan. More to be posted later this year grand kids permitting.
  6. Got them as well
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    I'd just like to say I also supply track bases and I'll cut out Templot plans too if required along with sleepers.
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    John (@Archie Atkinson) - what progress towards the deep and dirty corners of the Dark Side? (aka - a yard in Tynecassel).

    I asked about LNER double slips sometime back because another PW specialist felt that trying to build a 1:6 double slip with B switches was likely to be a bit awkward - so this topic may be of interest to you.
  9. Newcastle Quayside goods yard s what I am doing
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    Please educate the heathens from down sarf... is Newcastle Quayside the same as the Tyne Commissioners Quay?
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    Weigh eh man. Noaaah!:eek:

    I doubt it. I suspect Newcastle Quayside is further up the Tyne towards the city centre than the Commissioners Quay.
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    We need more info about the location of the prototype, hopefully a map - supported by information on the model.

    John, (@Archie Atkinson ), step forward and tell all.
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    No Newcastle Quayside is completely different from the Tyne commissioners quay, which is much further along the river towards north shields, they are 5 to 8 miles apart.

    Newcastle Quayside was accessed off the "quayside branch" that left the ECML at Byker and ran steeply down to the banks of the Tyne accessing the Quayside. The branch itself continued up the river towards Wallsend and I think it eventually joined the branch coming off the Blyth and Tyne that ran to the river through Percy Main.
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