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    A little work on American subjects the past few days.
    First Ive finally finished some of the more spindly bits of the locomitive, cab steps and feedwater brackets.
    The steps were originally printed in resin, however after trying to fit one on a brass rod and snapping it in two I put in an order on shapeways for the same parts in brass.
    I now have to work out the feedwater piping coming off the tender and how that will attach to the locomotive. Im hoping I can make magnets work.

    Some other work saw the flatcar bed get a coat of shellac (needs another coat) and new trucks.
    Old on the left, new on the right. The old ones were G1 trucks and the new ones were G3 trucks with bad whitemetal bolsters. Both have G3 wooden bolsters now. Because they were to be swapped on an already built car, they had to be the same height. Luckily after so much scratchbuilding I have quite the library of custom maple sections so sorting out the right combination was fairly simple.
    Also the larger truck wheelbase suits the flatcar more and I want to use the old trucks for a short ore hopper Ive got an old kit for. Yeah its intended to be a narrow gauge hopper but its only a scale foot or so smaller widthwise.

    And lastly I made up some more coupler pins today and have chained them to the car ends so I dont keep losing them.
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    Today saw me get back onto CAD for a bit to finally finish up a car design I started several months ago.
    car drawing whole.png
    My absolute mess of a drawing. But there is some method to the madness, even if I forget it after so many months.

    Frame and truck components
    5mm parts.png
    Car body and roof ribs 3mm parts.png

    And more frame parts
    2mm parts.png

    Parts have now been ordered for one car to see if Ive done something wrong. If all goes well, Ive now got one car design that should be fairly quick to knock out in future.
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    A bit of work this past week.
    Most of this week was spent painting the trucks on the flatcar.
    Disassembling, priming, spraying black, and reassembly took a good few days.
    And today I decided to turn the flatcar into a gondola.
    And its all removable if I decide I prefer a flatcar. 20200111_203638.jpg
    I should probably coat the gondola sides in shellac. I didnt have any maple the right size so the planks are dense balsa.
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    Nevertheless it looks the part.
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    Well the lasercut parts are taking their sweet time to be made, so Ive been thinking about other projects.
    One that Ive come up with is a Gnine microlayout depicting a private 7 1/4" line for garden maintenance and general home workshop support. Fairly simple but with the possibility of two loco operation with plenty of isolating sections.
    Its rather strange thinking about working in a smaller gauge again (Cant say scale as its still 1/22.6).
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