Scattergun Stanier 2-6-2 tank

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Ian@StEnochs, 3 November 2016.

  1. Ian@StEnochs

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    Hi All,

    I am looking for drawings for the Stanier 2-6-2 tank. I remember seeing an article in one of the magazines but so far my search through my collection has not turned it up. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

  2. mickoo

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    Are we talking Surface Raiders here? Pretty sure Railway Modeller has done drawings of these and have Wild Swan do a tome on them or maybe the LMS record has some details.

  3. Steph Dale

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    I recall an article in British Railways Illustrated, would have been in the mid '90s. No drawings though.

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  5. Ian@StEnochs

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    Mickoo, It's a new one on me to call them Surface Raiders! I have got a copy of the RM article on the Fowler tanks and may have mistaken that for the
    Stanier. I don't think that Wild Swan have covered the class, yet!

    Steph, I have a pile of BRIs I got from a friends estate in the garage but not had time to look at them all yet, I will certainly have a search.

    Obblgobbly, I have had a look at the other place link. Lots of info including a list of detail drawings from the NRM so I might just give them a call.

    Thank you all for your help,

  6. mickoo

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    My bad, it's the Fowler ones that were called Surface Raiders, something to do with the WW1 vessels of that name making a lot of fuss and smoke and not being particularly stealthy when chasing their prey ;)

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  7. rusty

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    I have been looking to get hold of the defunct Chowbent kit for the Stanier cl.3 tank for use on my Great Malvern project for a while but with no success. JLTRT did not indicate any early reintroduction. The kit builds I have seen (eg Heyside layout) look good from my limited LMS perspective!
  8. Dikitriki

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    The Chowbent kit is rarer than hen's teeth. It took us a long time to find ours. Here's the Heyside Stanier, built by Roger:

    Heyside Stanier Tank.jpg

  9. Lancastrian

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    NRM Derby Works Series

    204 D 34 13543 Fire box arrangement May 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    205 D 34 13676 Arrangement of hand brake gear Feb 1935 2-6-2T LMS
    205 D 34 13705 Smoke box arrangement Oct 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    205 D 34 13725 Frame arrangement Oct 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    205 D 34 13739 Cab, side tank & bunker arrangement (plan & elevation) water capacity 1500 galls Oct 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    205 D 34 13740 Cab, side tank & bunker arrangement (end views) Oct 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    205 D 34 13769 Motion arrangement Oct 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    206 D 34 13820 Pipe & rod arrangement (plan & elevation) Nov 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    206 D 34 13821 Pipe and rod arrangement (end views) Nov 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    207 D 35 13941 Fire box arrangement Apr 1935 2-6-2T LMS
    207 D 35 13952 Arrangement of vacuum controlled regulator engines No 20 & 43 July 1937 2-6-2T LMS
    207 D 35 13980 Boiler arrangement Apr 1935 2-6-2T LMS
    207 D 35 13982 Frame arrangement 2-6-2T with taper boiler Mar 1935 2-6-2T LMS
    207 D 35 13983 Smoke box arrangement 2-6-2 tank engine with taper boiler Mar 1935 2-6-2T LMS
    207 D 34 13995 Pipe & rod arrangement end view Nov 1934 2-6-2T LMS
    208 D 35 14019 Pipe & rod arrangement 2-6-2 tank with taper boiler Apr 1935 2-6-2T LMS
    210 D 14200 Pony truck arrangement Nov 1935 2-6-2T & 2-6- 4T LMS
    213 D 14500 Fire box arrangement for 6A boiler June 1936 2-6-2T LMS
    215 D 36 14719 Leading driving & trailing axle box Nov 1936 2-6-2T LMS
    215 D 36 14739 Clothing arrangement Dec 1936 2-6-2T LMS
    216 D 36 14807 Smoke box arrangement Dec 1936 2-6-2T LMS
    216 D 37 14811 Frame arrangement Jan 1937 2-6-2T LMS
    216 D 37 14888 Pipe & rod arrangement Mar 1937 2-6-2T LMS
    216 D 37 14889 Pipe & rod arrangement end views Mar 1937 2-6-2T LMS
    218 D 37 15001 End views & cross sections 2-6-2 pass. engine May 1937 LMS
    229 D 38 15529 Clothing arrangement Aug 1938 2-6-2T LMS
    242 D 42 16491 Part smoke box arrangement Sept 1942 2-6-2T LMS
    243 D 43 16632 Outside cylinder 17 1/2" dia X 26" stroke Feb 1944 Replaces cylinder drg D29- 11100 2-6-2T LMS
    243 D 43 16633 Smoke box arrangement Mar 1944 2-6-2T LMS

    Hope the above helps.

  10. Ian@StEnochs

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    I have been away and off line, just back. Thanks for the comprehensive list of drawings they certainly will help. It will save me a good bit of time when I get to the NRM.
  11. I've been working on drawings across this year as you've seen from RM web. I'm happy to share once finished. I've now got a pony drawing which was an area missing.

    You need to look carefully at which you are modelling as there are so many variants. Again on the RM web thread I have put together a spreadsheet of every photo I could find on line of them as a spreadsheet.
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  12. markjj

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    I hope there is a decent kit about to appear as a result of this thread lol
  13. Ian@StEnochs

    Ian@StEnochs Western Thunderer

    I have acquired some Chowbent etchings but no instructions. I have tried JLTRT but they don't have copies so can anyone help please? A scan would be fine.


  14. Dikitriki

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    Hello Ian,

    I'm pretty certain I have a set, but won't be able to do anything about it until after Reading.

  15. Ian@StEnochs

    Ian@StEnochs Western Thunderer

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much. I am collecting info for a build but that will not start until well into next year when I complete the projects on the bench so waiting until after Reading is no problem.