Steel 13T Private Owner Wagon

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    Superb! :thumbs::bowdown:


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    Ragstone Models has etches in "test build" at this time... the etches were on show at the recent Reading Trade Show and some are being "test built" at a folding table near to the A303 at this time. Photos can be posted here when Andy (@demu1037) has approved the build.
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    Mick (@7mmMick),

    Where was this wagon?

    The wheelset at the near end appears to be most unusual - six hole discs? Any comments anyone?
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    Hi Graham,

    It’s at Quorn and Woodhouse, still in the yard there I believe. I’d never noticed the wheel set before? Strange one that?
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    I read somewhere that P numbers were all done on the fly as wagons were shopped. Implying there was no logic and were randomly allocated in a rising number series. So having long sold my copy of MRJ 151 (doh!) would love to know the story in a nutshell if possible please?
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    In a nutshell, blocks of numbers were allocated to any workshop repairing wagons, both BR and contractors, so the wagon's previous owner and number were recorded and could be tracked relatively easily. Some of the records survive so it is possible to identify the original wagon from the P number in some cases. Larger number ranges (and/or several number ranges) were allocated to works doing more repairs. Each works renumbered wagons as they were being repaired using the next number in their series.
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    Thanks very much!
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    Described in
    Larkin, David (2018) The Acquired wagons of British Railways. Volume 1 Fleet composition and Brake vans. Crecy Publishing Ltd. 152 pages. ISBN 978-0-86093-682-4 152 pages

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    Thank you Paul, I've ordered the book.