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  1. Tim Watson

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    It is with great sadness that Dean Rogers has announced that Steve Baldock, his partner and friend at Steam Traction World, has died from prostate cancer.

    Without Steve’s unique skills, his unflappable temperament and his great sense of humour, so many of us would not have been able to enjoy the hobby of miniature road steam: his legacy will be seen on roads and rally fields for years to come. The picture below was taken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair this year. Steve had made it possible for me to charity-run over 225 road miles with my engine, Frederick, on behalf of Parkinson’s UK.


    I first met Steve at the London MEE at Ally Pally about 15 years ago. I built one of the first ModelWorks 4” scale Burrell agricultural engines and then moved onto the showman’s road locomotive shown above; one of the first engines completed from the excellent kits that Steve designed. Steve’s efforts have allowed, literally, thousands of individuals to enjoy large scale steam road locomotives. His talents in model engineering for steam will be recorded elsewhere, but his massive Hornsby steam caterpillar was truly a tour-de-force, whilst he latterly (re)built two full size Stanley steamers.

    We had discussed over the years his interest in model railways, but more recently, this forum is where his skills and expertise really blossomed with his uniquely realistic ‘steaming’ S7 locos. I greatly regret that I have not seen these models working.

    Truly an individual who I will always remember with great fondness and respect for his awesome abilities.

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  2. Oz7mm

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    I only met Steve about 18 months ago when he came to the S7 Spring meeting in Albury. He immediately fell in with the Love Lane group, making the 70 mile trip from Daventry most weeks to work on the layout. The smoking and steaming locos are a sight to behold.

    A superb modeller, great fun to be with and generous to a fault. He brought his Stanley Steemer over just this July and despite being very ill gave us all a ride in the car.

    Rest in peace Steve - we'll miss you a lot.


    Steve steemer.jpg
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  3. eastsidepilot

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    I can only echo John's words, above, I too have only known Steve for a short time from being part of the Love lane crew, I've carried out wheel work for him for his S7 loco's and enjoyed our technical chat's about scale loco's etc.
    He'll be missed.
    R.I.P. Steve.

  4. Mudhen

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    You've summed up the Love Lane group feelings for Steve very well.
    He was a kind, interesting and very generous man who I'm proud to have had as a friend.
    He will not be forgotten
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  5. Jon Fitness

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    Very sad news. I never met him but we exchanged many emails about his S7 Bath Green Park loco shed layout which looked to be taking dcc sound/steam to another dimension. My condolences to all affected.
  6. Len Cattley

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    Sad to here of the news about Steve, we had a good chat at Albury about his S7 steam locomotives.
    R.I.P. Steve

  7. Peter Insole

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    We will all miss you Steve.

    0 1SB AM_7907.JPG

    Rest in peace dear friend.

  8. Mudhen

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    Happier Days.
  9. Len Cattley

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    That was me talking to Steve.

  10. richard carr

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    Thats so sad

    It only seems like a few weeks ago he was driving us all around in his steam powered car

  11. farnetti

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    Very sad news, only met him once and his S7 loco on our display track was inspirational.

  12. Lancastrian

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    OMG, that is so sad to hear. Met him at Albury earlier this year too. I had nothing but admiration for his work. Great guy. He will be missed. :'(

  13. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Very sad news. :'(