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  1. Steve Sykes

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    As a recently joined member, I though I would post a few pictures of my 2mm FS bits and pieces. These were intended for a SE&CR project and were made a while ago. The project stalled because I couldn't work out how to do the complex Wainwright locomotive livery in this scale - the fine red and yellow lines either side of the green bands scale out at about a couple of thou wide. However, I'd still like to have a go but it's a question of how much the livery can be simplified without losing its character. Gareth Collier has done some wonderful renditions of both Chatham and Brighton liveries in N, so it is possible.

    The wagons are built in plastikard on etched undeframes, either using chopped-about 2mm Association chassis kits or etched W-irons and brakegear bodged from other bits of kits. I used the drawings in the various Southern Wagons books, a godsend to the Southern modeller.





    I think the Stephenson Clark PO wagon should have black corner plates rather than red at this period but I haven't yet got round to repainting them. The cattle wagon was, shall we say, challenging to make.


    Finally this is the chassis for a South Eastern brakevan; I got this far with it before things ground to a halt and it's been a bit of a shelf queen since. I must get the plasticard out and finish it off. The 2mm Association has recently brought out an etched kit for the Midland six wheeled GBV. As the SER had some very similar vans it will hopefully be possible to convert the kit to represent one of these.

    Any comments or suggestions (hopefully polite) would be gratefully received.
  2. Buckjumper

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    Very nice models Steve :thumbs:

    Stephenson Clarke wagon livery - bit of an historical minefield, but I have a note which says that corner plates were painted Indian Red as early as the 1890s - this on wagons painted a slightly greenish tinge of grey.

    However, the 500 Glo'ster built wagons of 1900 (and your running number falls into this group) were painted slate grey and did indeed have black corner plates.
  3. queensquare

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    Just beautiful Steve. How's that micro-layout to provide a home for your stunning pre-group wagons coming on?;)

  4. Neil

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    They're absolutely lovely Steve. It's often said that the advantage of the larger scales (say 7mm and up) is that the models have a lovely heft about them. Your 2mm models have reminded me, that when done with delicate touch, models in this scale have a gorgeous jewel like quality.
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  5. Heather Kay

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    Lovely work. Now I'm all keen to start in 2mm again!
  6. BrushType4

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    2mm? Wow, amazing work. :thumbs:
  7. john lewsey

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  8. Steve Sykes

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    It's making excellent progress in my head, sadly the real world is lagging behind somewhat!
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  9. Ressaldar

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    Hi Steve,

    great stuff and from the right part of the country as well:thumbs::thumbs:


  10. Steph Dale

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    I have to agree with all the postings so far. Beautiful workmanship, interesting to see styrene construction in the smaller scales and definitely the right part of the country.
    A really uplifting thread. Suitably inspired I'm off to the workbench...

  11. Locomodels

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    Beautiful stuff, takes me back to my youth and twenties when I built 2mmFS. Now sadly I need a magnifying glass to see them.
    Looking forward to more postings from you.
  12. adrian

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    All I can echo is what everyone else has said - some beautiful models and craftsmanship in styrene, the balance on all the details seem just right. With all the corner strapping on the cattle wagon I'm not surprised it was challenging.
  13. AJC

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    One of the great attractions of pre-grouping wagons for those of us interested in freight stock is the variations in design approaches, brake gear and livery pursued by different companies. I really like the offset vees and the idiosyncratic lifting links. I can only marvel at the minute size; these things are bad enough in 4mm...

    I recall that the D&S kit for the 6-wheel brake was available with appropriate buts to convert one to t'other. Was the difference something like a veranda at both ends?

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  14. Steph Dale

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    Well, the Slater's 7mm version is much like that. But, IIRC, either the Midland or SECR version of the kit can build an SECR version, you just need to pick your batch with care...!

    Attractive and long-lasting vehicles; I've got a couple of the Slater's version to build up here for my c.1948 time period.

  15. Steve Sykes

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    The SECR seems to have experimented with a wide variety of either-side brake gear during the Wainwright era, not settling down until Maunsell took over.

    The six-wheeled brakes built for the SER look to be a straight copy of the Midland ones, with a single verandah at one end. Later batches built for the SECR had verandahs at both ends and some of the earlier vans were rebuilt to match.
  16. Tom Mallard

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    Super stuff, Steve.

    I agree with the idea that the corners of 6 plank Gloucester SC wagons are black. Well we painted them black for the ones I made for the model of Semley which is set in 1912. I also painted the ironwork and axle box/springs on the under frames black, too.

    I also admired your excellent LSWR road brake van in the South Western Circular.

    Best regards

  17. Buckjumper

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    I've just found the source of my note; July 1995 MORILL - an article on the 1900 batch of 6-plank Glos'ter wagons.
  18. queensquare

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    It is with great sadness and regret that I have to report that Steve lost his battle with cancer and passed away a few days ago. The pictures of his beautiful wagons in this thread will testify to what a fantastic modeller he was but, more importantly, he was a really nice man and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts go to his wife Jane and the rest of his friends and family at this difficult time.

  19. oldravendale

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    That is very sad news.

    RIP, Steve, and condolences to your family.

  20. john lewsey

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    I had the good fortune of meeting Steve at a 2mm meeting as I purchased a G2 kit from him and I spent some time speaking to him what a nice man he was one of those people who makes your life richer just by being in his company
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