Prototype T9 at Swanage.

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    100_0679.JPG 100_0680.JPG 100_0681.JPG 100_0682.JPG 100_0683.JPG 100_0684.JPG 100_0685.JPG 100_0686.JPG 100_0687.JPG 100_0689.JPG 100_0690.JPG 100_0691.JPG 100_0693.JPG 100_0694.JPG

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  2. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    Thank you for posting the photos - very useful.

    Given that the backs of the bogie wheels have rubbed on the mainframes, what hope have we of getting a scale model to run round normal curves.:(

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  3. Steph Dale

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    In model form the frames don't bend to get round corners either - and those frame strikes have been there a very long time...

  4. phileakins

    phileakins Western Thunderer

    The M7 shows the same frame strikes.

  5. Peter Cross

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    Great photos. Most of the time I lived in Langton she was or seemed to be out and about, it feit the same with the M7 too. Have you been signalman long at Swanage?
  6. Ian@StEnochs

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    Very useful. The photos of the bogie show just how simple these older locomotives are/were.

  7. phileakins

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    Ta muchley for the appreciation - I'll get around to the requests as the opportunity arises.

    Something over twenty-five years Peter. I started training when we didn't have signals!

    Were you a volunteer? If so we must have met somewhere along the way ...

  8. Peter Cross

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    No I was not a volunteer, at the time I was a shopfitter so worked stupid hours and a single parent time was sort of short. I still like to pop down when I am in the country.
  9. Yorkshire Dave

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    The difference is the 1:1 version doesn't short when the wheels strike the frame
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  10. phileakins

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    Another haul, further to follow.

    Sorry, as I said, these are just snaps, I am definitely not a photographer!


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  11. phileakins

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    And some more.

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  12. phileakins

    phileakins Western Thunderer

    Last lot!

    Any more while the loco is still accessible?


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  13. Peter Cross

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    Lovely set of photos. Many thanks.
  14. Bullhead

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    Thanks for posting the shots of 30120 at Swanage - great detail. I was particularly interested in this having enjoyed a cab ride on 120 while she was at the Battlefield Line in December 2016. This shot shows departure from Shackerstone as the sun breaks through the mist on the morning of 30/12/2016.

  15. phileakins

    phileakins Western Thunderer

    Give me a head's up when you are next in the neighborhood - I feel a pint (or two) and a natter coming on!