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Discussion in 'Talk' started by adrian, 4 March 2011.

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    Good evening Adrian,

    That is very kind of you to offer, but the lathe also came with two wooden collet holders, one of them is below. The more pristine set I put away somewhere safe, so safe I now cannot remember where.......


    All the best,

  2. adrian

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    Slowly ticking off the jobs so I think the chassis is virtually finished now. It just needs stripping down and giving it a good clean now.

    The springs ended up being a mix of both. I was originally intending to use the white-metal springs as the castings had the requisite depth. Unfortunately when fitted they ended up fouling the wheels, I hasten to add this is probably due to modifying the kit for Scaleseven. I suspect for finescale with the wheels a bit further out from the frames they would be fine. So I tried to tweak the arms on the springs and promptly snapped them off! So plan b was implemented, I snapped off all the arms on the castings, I soldered the etched springs onto the frame and then glued the cast springs onto the back of the etched springs to give them the depth required!

    The brakes need a bit of extra effort as well. I filed off the brass brake shoes and made up some plastic ones in the same way as on the tender. That way I could fit them close to the wheels without causing any shorts. As previously mentioned the location holes for the brake hangers had to be moved down and closer to the wheel to look reasonable.

    So this is the current status. Final bit of detailing required on the bodywork, including sorting out the backhead. Something I always seem to leave to the last job.

    chassis - 1.jpg

    chassis - 2.jpg

    chassis - 3.jpg

    chassis - 4.jpg
  3. Len Cattley

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    Lovely job Adrian :bowdown:

  4. 7mmMick

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    Really nice work mate, top job,

  5. Jon Nazareth

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    That's a very good resin casting. When I first saw it, I thought that it was a 3D print!

  6. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Why is the last couple of jobs always seem to take the longest! :(

    One of the final bits to finish off was the back head detailing. In the kit there seemed to be duplicate fittings in white metal and brass castings so a quick look at the instructions to see what goes where!!!
    3F_build - 7.jpg

    Clear as mud then! So it was a case of chucking stuff at the back head to get something looking sort of plausible. So it's not spot on but given the set of castings supplied it fills the space.

    3F_build - 2.jpg

    Other details to be added were the injectors behind the cab steps. Again the castings in the kit weren't correct for the kit so they got butchered a bit. The top one is as supplied and is too long and the pipe is the wrong shape so it got chopped down a bit and the pipe straightened and bent the other way. The brass was bizarre to work with, I half expected the pipe to fracture and have to replace it with a new one but no. The brass took all manner of abuse and tweaking without work hardening, not that I was complaining mind.

    3F_build - 1.jpg

    So other detailing included sorting out the couplings and vac pipe. The white metal casting was a bit rubbish so I decided to see what I could do with a bit of brass rod and some copper wire.

    3F_build - 3.jpg

    At the rear the cab detailing was fitted, drawbar made to connect to the tender and for the fall plate I soldered a little copper tube underneath to it could pivot.

    3F_build - 4.jpg

    So I think that is that for the build. It just needs a damn good clean now and a bit warmer weather to start painting it.

    3F_build - 5.jpg

    3F_build - 6.jpg
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    A very handsome model that..

  8. john lewsey

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    Very nice Adrian
  9. adrian

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    Thanks John, I appreciate it. Going to switch back to 2mmFS for a change now.
  10. 7mmMick

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    Really lovely work Adrian, I'm looking forward to seeing the paint go on and what your next S7 build will be (following your 2mmF/S sabbatical) :thumbs:

  11. adrian

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    I prefer sojourn rather than sabbatical. :cool:

    The next S7 build will be either the MOK 8F or the Finney7 V2. Probably neck and neck in priority at the moment as I'm still in the planning and research stage for both locos. The 8F is probably edging it at the moment as I have some excellent drawings in the Wild Swan loco profile.

    Unless you can help with the V2 - I've been scouring the drawing list from NRM and I'm just lost with the hundreds of drawings listed. I'm settling on No. 60838 for the build as I've got a couple of cracking photos sorted however I've still to sort out the drawings. The ones in the kit are fine but I'd really like a decent GA drawing and a drawing of the motion to get some accurate dimensions.
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  12. 7mmMick

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    I would love to help out pal as I'll be after the same at some point. My build will have the inside big end and cylinder etc so I'll need the detail drawings. If you let me know what you're after I'll plan in a visit to the NRM, I need to go anyway to source a GA for my J25 build :thumbs:

  13. mickoo

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    Fairly sure I have the GA and most certainly got the frame arrangements. Not sure the LNER did complete motion drawings and I suspect quite a few parts are common to the A3 and A4. I'll dig around tonight and see if I can find anything specific.

    One if the best ways to search the LNER drawings is by lot numbers or build numbers, having said that some parts will be listed under say lot 302 and in the bottom corner of the drawing note, fits lot 324, 335 & 405 .....examples. Yet trying to find that part in the other lots will probably not be listed.

  14. Rob Pulham

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    Hi Mick,
    Once you have the detail of the drawings for the J25 I would appreciate some pointers because I have one in the stash myself. Scrub that, I have just checked and mine's a J24 not a J25 (LG/Shedmaster kit)
  15. 7mmMick

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    The J24 shed master kit will build a J25 if I remember Rob. Thinking hard (I maybe wrong here) the wheel base is a few inches different, the main difference between the two is the internal boiler gubbins. For modelling purposes there's not a lot different. Oh and I think the J24's were Joy inside motion and not Stephenson, although they were all rebuilt to Stephenson later in life. Only the J73 kept Joy inside motion for the duration of classes lifetime.

    More than happy to share what I find pal:thumbs: I fancy a shed mater/LG kit of the J24 myself TBH. I have a nice picture of one at Whitby with 'BRITISH RAILWAYS' on the tender and an E prefix on the cab side,

  16. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Thanks Mick,

    You had me worried for a second and scurrying for the books - I have a set of stephenson inside motion for it so I needed to find out when the Joy motion was changed. It seems that it's the J21's that had Joys when built and the J24 had Stephensons from the outset (phew! although I could have used the motion kit elsewhere).

    You were right on the wheelbase the J25 had a slightly longer wheelbase. Gladiator do a kit for a J25 so I may invest in one at some point and have one of each.:thumbs: