Telford Steam Railway - Lawley is open for business

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    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd post some pics of my latest venture. Seeing as we're never going to move away from the Telford area and the fact that I've only 4 years left in the RAF I decided to get myself another hobby. So off I toodled to the Telford Steam Railway and signed up on the dotted line :eek: It's a lovely, friendly place and just reminds me of when I started on the ELR as a lad. It was nice to meet people and to find out the plans for the railway and their vision of running into Buildwas Junction through Ironbridge power station when it evetually shuts. At the moment running is restricted to Spring Village (the old yard) to the original Horeshay station. Once the Transport & Works Act is approved they will be able to run through Heath Hill tunnel to a new station at Lawley Common. I won't post the email link to their website as it's undergoing a rebuild but I will share my pics. Hope you like them,

    View over Spring Village yard entrance

    Horsehay station

    Horsehay looking north towards Lawley

    Horsehay looking south towards Doseley and Ironbridge

    Autocoach in the yard

    Prototype Mk1 LFK on the right of the rake. I'll take more pics of this interesting coach next time I visit

    Passenger service in the hands of a Ruston shunter and a Cl104 trailer as the coaching stock

    The other half of the 104

    The resident 2 car 108 unit which is mechanically sound and awaiting a full repaint

    Service train in Horsehay station

    Back in Spring Village

    The stations are only about 100 yards apart but it takes 15 mins to travel by train as it leaves the yard and trundles up to the tunnel entrance 1/2 a mile away before reversing to Horsehay station down the mainline. If you ever find yourself in the area then by all means pop in for a visit. Open Sundays and bank holiday until late Sept,

    Cheers :thumbs:

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  2. taliesin

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    That looks a really interesting line, there is something very satisfying about helping to build infrastructure, good luck with it, cheers Rob
  3. Bob

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    Nice set of pictures Mark.
    Must get up there again soon, the autocoach (38?) is especially nice.

    Yes please:thumbs:

  4. Locomodels

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    It looks like it has the makings of a nice little line. But didn't you say it was the Telford STEAM railway.
    What happened to the steam ? Also there are some 'interesting' sleepers in the shot of Horsehay looking south towards Doseley and Ironbridge. Looks like you might get be getting involved in some full size permanent way.
  5. marsa69

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    The steam is doing one of two things. 'Rocket' which is an industrial saddle tank is just finishing having it's boiler re-tubed at Tylesley for it's 10 year boiler certificate and 5619 (some GWR 0-6-0 kettle or some such) is away at the North Norfolk Railway earning much needed pennies :p

    As for the sleepers we have quite a bit of p-way shenanigans to look forward to. Especially the construction of a new 3 road carriage shed on the site where the auto trailer can be seen. At the moment there's just two sidings there so it will involve the repositioning of all the stock, relaying the two sidings and the creation of a third.

    One of the other quirks about the place is the abundance of original two hole chairs in Spring Village yard.

    Next time I must remember to take my camera as the turnout from the mainline to the yard is quite a piece of work. That and the Mk3 sleeper on commonwealth bogies (prototype for everything) :eek:

  6. Dan Randall

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    Cracking pictures Mark. I never even knew this place existed!


  7. lancer1027

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    +1 :thumbs:

    We need a rundown of what stock is there, just incase we need you to take some detail pics:D;).

  8. Simon

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    Really nice pictures of an attractive and intriguing project:thumbs:

    Don't they have the ex United Dairies Ruston 48DS there too, if so I'd love to see some pictures of it (sorry!)

  9. marsa69

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    When I next visit Simon I'll try and track it down and take some pics :thumbs:

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  10. marsa69

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    I'll see what I can do but I'm esepcially intrigued by the Mk1 LFK :p

  11. marsa69

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    Hi all,

    Update time

    Some pics of the turnout which controls access to the yard from the mainline. If you're like me you'll be impressed by the varying geometry and gradients contained in such a small space.

    20130623_124954.jpg 20130623_125003.jpg 20130623_154125.jpg 20130623_154154.jpg

    And my favourite workbench item at the minute is the paint job and general restoration work that I'm helping the owners with on this beauty;


    It's amazing the transformation that a yellow end and painted roof can achieve. But I'm not telling you what the final livery scheme is going to be :eek: You'll have to wait and see like everybody else :p As for the railway in general? It's been a busy, busy time and as ever not enough hands on people to get things progressed. I've never worn so many hats in one go :D



    PS Simon. I'll check on the 48DS Ruston shunter on Tues night mate. Sorry, I forgot all about it :oops:
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  12. Simon

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    Great pictures, I especially like the junction signal and point with its curves and the level changes:thumbs:

    Don't worry about the 48DS if its awkward or whatever.

  13. marsa69

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    Hi Simon,

    We do indeed have a 48DS, but it's in bits at the mo (the soldering iron broke again :oops:)


  14. Emma H

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    Taken on the Spring Bank Holiday Sunday in May. It's an 0-6-2 ;)


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  15. iploffy

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    Mark I might be up on Sunday obviously if the heavens have not opened
  16. marsa69

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    Told you it was a kettle ;)

    Is that a threat? :p
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  17. iploffy

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    You had better believe it lol
  18. marsa69

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    Well bring some working clobber with you as you'll be getting your hands dirty ;)
  19. bogusman

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    I remember when I fired this loco on the SVR with Graham Beddow as my driver as we were going through the tunnel towards kidderminster when I smelt somthing burning. It turned out to be my jacket that I had hung up, the spectacal plate had no glass fitted an an ember had landed in my jacket pocket. I found another use for the slacking pipe that day!!!!!!!

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  20. Wagonman

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    It was in use again today – they are getting a lot of mileage out it!