Telford Steam Railway - Lawley is open for business

Discussion in 'Talk' started by marsa69, 1 June 2013.

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    I've asked for more details on the Ruston as I don't know too much about it.

    The website is still a work in progress at the minute as it was felt that a web presence of any kind was more important than a fully finished one. Once the track goes south and reaches Lightmoor Junction then we'll follow the Network Rail line all the way to the power station site where the line will terminate. The original Buildwas station was situated roughly where the coal drops are. The railway land here has been promised to us by Eon so it will become our main depot/works.

    5619 is at the Flour Mill undergoing some extensive repairs which means it will have a new 10 year ticket when it's finished. It will then move on hire to another railway to earn money for it's next overhaul as it won't return to us until it's economically viable to run it i.e. pretty much when all the line is open.

    And for Rob and Steve! Post some bl**dy pics :rant::thumbs:
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    Is 5619 the class 31 or the kettle ?. :D

    Steve :cool:
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    Kettle! A GWR 0-6-2T whatever that is lol
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    It's a massive green tea urm mate. Any how where's the pictures buddy
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    I've emailed pics from my iPhone to my email address, so just got to open emails & save, then upload them onto here. I'll try tomorrow.

    Steve :cool:
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    I didn't take any pics, i only came over to take the P out of you:p
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    Who me or stavros
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    Does that mean the Colonel is now known as 'i loffy' ? :oops:
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    And there was me thinking the S in TSR and THST stood for STEAM…….:rolleyes:

    Just your luck if the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site Steering Committee decided to enforce the use of only Coalbrookedale No 5 on TSR trains in the vicinity of the museum sites :D

    Coalbrookdale N0 5.jpg
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    That wouldn't make it up the hill. Leave it doing what it does best boiling water.
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    Here you go Ian......

    Part 1.

    image (53).jpeg

    image (56).jpeg

    image (55).jpeg

    image (57).jpeg

    Below are 2 unsavioury characters.....

    photo (23).JPG

    image (58).jpeg

    image (59).jpeg

    Steve :cool:
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    Part 2....

    image (60).jpeg

    image (61).jpeg

    image (62).jpeg

    image (63).jpeg

    image (64).jpeg

    image (65).jpeg

    photo (25).JPG

    Steve :cool:
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    Part 3....

    image (77).jpeg

    image (67).jpeg

    image (66).jpeg

    photo (26).JPG

    image (75).jpeg

    image (69).jpeg

    Steve :cool:
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    Part 4....

    Last but not least....

    image (68).jpeg

    Here's one for Mike...

    image (74).jpeg

    image (76).jpeg

    photo (28).JPG

    photo (22).JPG

    photo (24).JPG

    We had a great few hours down there. Hope to go along again very soon.

    Steve :cool:
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    Hi Steve,

    sorry to disappoint you, but that's an Autocoach, not in my league:eek::thumbs:


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    I like that 5th pic in part 1. It should be a caption contest - 'How many Buddhas can you fit in a brake van?' :p
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    Which one the bald one or the gorgeous one. The ugly twonk was in the shop doing his Stavros impression selling donner kebabs.
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    They do make the interior of a brake van look very small, don't they...??!! :)

    reaching Ironbridge would be a major prize for the Railway, given the potential to get a share of the tourist trade, & provide a viable & attractive alternative to going there by car. I recall reading a lament concerning the Severn Valley Railway, that it can't tap into that market, as it will never be able to extend north from Bridgnorth.
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    Listen you yankee track spike counter at least we in the civilised world still have railways, Dudley where's that :p