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    I use templot in the Mac via winebottler, but after one of the updates, I'm now forced to run winebottler everytime to run Templot. Once its reinstalled it runs brilliantly until the next time. :(
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    No it doesn't - Virtualbox is free and you can get a Windows virtual image to use at zero cost, ostensibly for "testing compatibility with IE".
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    I won't comment on Templot, but I have used TRAX (Tony Geary et al) successfully, and it only took a couple of days to learn. Not as clever as Templot (no sleeper placing, for example), but it does produce a useable and workable plan from which track templates can be printed. It also covers S7 and 'custom scales', so it is useable for S scale. Unfortunately, my version only works on Windows up to XP, and I don't know if it was ever updated to work with later versions. The attached shows S7 pointwork produced from TRAX--sorry about the poor photography

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    I can't praise Templot enough, and I use a MacBook and it works perfectly with Wine and Winebottler. Storing files, adding to files, downloading, printing Ive had no problems with it. Top marks to the Templot Forum Club and Martin who's always offered help and solved any problems.....
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    The problem is only the installer program, the actual TRAX2 program runs fine on later versions of Windows.

    Do this:

    1. Install TRAX2 on Windows XP (if not already). If you don't still have an XP computer you may have a friend who does.

    2. Put the TRAX2 CD back in the cupboard. You won't need it again.

    3. In XP, close TRAX2 if running and then copy the entire TRAX folder:


    and paste it to a USB memory stick.

    You can find that folder at:

    C:\Program Files\KRB Publications\Trax2\

    4. If you used a friend's XP computer, you should now delete TRAX from that computer, otherwise you will be breaking the TRAX licence terms.

    5. Transfer the USB stick to your new Windows computer and then copy and paste the entire folder to somewhere new such as:


    or wherever you want to put it, provided it's nowhere near any folder owned by Windows, such as My Documents or the \Program Files (x86)\ folders.

    If you haven't already created a folder such as \MY_OLD_XP_STUFF\ it's a good idea to create one as a general dumping ground for your old files.

    6. Right-click on and create a shortcut to this file:


    and drag the shortcut onto the desktop.

    7. TRAX2 then runs fine. :)

    Later versions of TRAX should run ok normally.


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    Thank you, Martin. Amazing what can be done by someone who understands computers.