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Discussion in '2mm Lounge' started by Tim Watson, 11 November 2017.

  1. Yorkshire Dave

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    Hitchcock's the 39 steps.....
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  2. Threadmark: Rather stormy of late.
    Tim Watson

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    Inspired by our rather busy and spectacular weather systems of late, I have extended the storm on CF.


    It also serves to ‘lose’ the hole in the sky.

    The layout has now been put into hibernation until September, so here is an exciting picture of the storage boxes.


    With all the work that has been undertaken of late I would expect we will have trimmed off 10-15 min for set up and take down times: not at all trivial when exhibiting a layout of this size and complexity.

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  3. adrian

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    Very Turner'esque - if that's a valid phrase I hope you know what I mean.
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