Thames Sailing Barge Parade London this weekend

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  1. geoff_nicholls

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    the annual Thames Sailing Barge parade takes place this weekend in London, including the barges working through locks , under Tower Bridge, and a pop-up museum on Sunday:

    Thames Sailing Barge Parade
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  2. Peter Insole

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    That would be a sight for sore eyes!

    Only a crying shame that the modern rules prohibit them from using their sails!

    I recall the tale that in the later years of trade, many barge owners fitted auxiliary engines and that their masters were only too happy to use them to manoeuvre in tight locks and docks. All that is, bar one:

    The old boy used his to zip around the coast and estuaries regardless of wind and tide, but he didn't entirely trust his infernal machine, so turned it off and hoisted his canvas when he came to the tricky bits up river!

    It was a great pleasure watching the annual barge match from Southend pier head many moons ago.

    At that time (early sixties) most had been "preserved" by being converted as yachts, but sadly the majority have long since been hulked, sunk or otherwise destroyed.

    Maldon is a really good place to go and see a number of the precious working survivors all moored together.

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  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    No modern equivalent of shooting the bridges then! (using wind and tide, dropping the mast before going under the bridge then raising the mast once passed under without losing momentum).
  4. Alan

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    You can still see that done by yachts on the Norfolk Broads, particularly in the 3 Rivers Race when the competitors, some 100 of them, have do it four times, twice at Acle bridge and twice at the very low Potter Brigham bridge.
  5. simond

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    Whilst navigating down the Medway some years back in a newly purchased boat, with my heart in my mouth (it felt like the M25, it was that busy) I watched with admiration as a fairly large barge sailed up river, rounded up, collected his mooring and calmly dropped his sail - single handed, with not the slightest hint of rush, panic, or motor. Our arrival in Dover was not quite so polished!

    I have no idea which boat or who he was, but I have the greatest respect for his skill & experience!

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