The Blue Brigade - Last Stand

Discussion in 'Talk' started by marsa69, 20 July 2012.

  1. marsa69

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    The Guv is feeling the pull :p
  2. Phill Dyson

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    That second one is full of 1970's atmosphere, the Vauxhall Viva, Plaxton Coach (I think),St Ivel milk tank & the platform trolley :cool::cool::cool::)
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  3. 28ten

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    Several milk tanks as well :)
  4. Phill Dyson

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    In a similar vein I though I would add this one from our 1975 Southern Railrover............


    My usual :shit: Kodak Instamatic quality of the time I'm afraid, but hopefully worth a look for the wealth of incidental details :).......Looks like a disused station behind the crane, but I'm afraid I don't know the location though.

    Phill :)
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  5. SteveO

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  6. Phill Dyson

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  7. iploffy

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    You are a very sick man AND you like the CLUELESS livery (you know the one that looks like someone has uked up all over the side of a serviceable loco to produce something to put people off their dinner
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  8. BrushType4

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  9. Dog Star

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    How sad... the colour does not matter for these were (are) wonderous beasts. I used to travel out of PN in early 1970s and the train of choice was any train fron No.1.... just to stand beside the engine and enjoy the sound. Later, circa 1975, I lived within half of a mile of the GWR main line, near to Reading Gas Works and the night time ritual was to stand by the open window to listen to the Wessie accelerate the Up Milk out of the station.

    Definitely Gone With Regret.
  10. Wow!
    A picture of a Western which I actually like... ;)

  11. marsa69

    marsa69 Western Thunderer

    It's because it's BLUE mate :p Admit it, you're partial to a bit of BLUE ;)
  12. Yes, but on something with character (even if most of it is bad)...
  13. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer was also nice to have a publicly owned intergrated passenger transport system , which actually worked quite well :(
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  14. Dog Star

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    As usual a very perceptive and thought-provoking comment - certainly made me think about what Jordan has written.

    My earliest recollection of railways is circa 1955 when I would watch BR(SR) electric units with my Mum - still not old enough to go to school. Thereafter I did and do take an interest in what can be best described as the "current scene". My modelling interests are firmly routed in the Edwardian period flavoured with LNER A4s circa 1948 and diesels circa 1985-1995. Whilst I experienced the Blue Diesel era - and survived tasting Pork Pies in Wooden Walls whilst being hauled by Westerns - it is only in the last year that thoughts have turned to Large Logo Blue dipped in Custard and Blue/Grey carriages.

  15. Dog Star

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    Occasionally I look at the Members page to see who has joined this forum... and I have just noticed that we are favoured with the presence of one who not only knew the Blue Era, he was part of that period in our railway history by virtue of gainful employment in the maintenance and repair of coaching stock.
  16. marsa69

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    Welcome to the newest recruits;

    Pte Colin and Pte jhockuk

    They've formed the new battalion for East Herts so make em welcome boyos! :D
  17. lancer1027

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    Welcome boyos from Lance Corporal Lancer of the TA ( yes it does mean TOTALLY AR*"**D) but dont ask:)).

    Just keep your wits about you and anyone hears the word GREEN or Kettles then FIRE AT WILL, DONT HOLD BACK, GO FOR THE JUGULAR, LET EM HAVE IT...... you get the picture:thumbs::))

  18. Tony West

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    ....thought it had been too quiet for too long....must be THAT time of the month !!:p ....pesky SMURFS !:)) .
    Cheers Tony:D
  19. Dog Star

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    Talking lessons from Iploffy, Master is he. (master, that is, in the art of entering Jordan's regular "who wants their pikkie squidged?" competition).
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  20. marsa69

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    I resemble that remark you cad! Be careful or it'll be tiffin at dawn :eek: :p


    (Anyway, I play nicely Mr Doggers :D)