7mm The Derby Line -Finney7 Adams Radial 30583

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by dibateg, 29 October 2011.

  1. dibateg

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    Good point Adrian - and it did cross my mind, I recall Nick D made his own for something....

    It's on it's wheels for the first time, coming on nicely.

  2. dibateg

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    We've spent 6 years trying to get our patio sorted. The chimney had to be knocked down and rebuilt and we finally found someone to do the work - with me helping. Six and half days later, we have a patio and paths... Hurrah! We no longer have to look out over a pile of rubble! Hence the break in modelling updates, I didn't do any at all...

    So it was time to return to the Radial - the white metal castings are just plonked on for the picture, so ignore the wonky chimney. One of the things I noticed was that the buffer stocks have a set of extra nuts top and bottom, so these were added using Scale Hardware ones.


    She's a pretty little loco...Here you can see the panelled up rear windows.

    I love engine picking and found that there was a two port oiler just behind the toolbox. Maybe this replaced the one on the boiler side, and studying the photos there was no evidence of this pre the late '50s boiler change on 30583. However, the later boiler has a pair of rivet heads where the oiler used to be... There were no lifting brackets on the tank top either.


    The rear of the engine still has its Drummond lamp irons with plug in mounts. I must of nudged that chimney!

    Anyway, that's the body nearly done... It has to be ready for Reading in a week...
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  3. dibateg

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    It was ready, so we've said goodbye to this attractive little loco for a while whilst it visits Paul Moore. I enjoyed the Reading Trade show, it is always good - the venue is not brilliant, but it is what it is and I guess we'd be paying a higher entry fee elsewhere.

  4. Fred Lewis

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    Hello Tony . Fred here you sent me your photos of the Manor to help with my build . How did you fit the cast smokebox front and smokebox /boiler joiner ring please , was it with epoxy glue or low melt solder . Thanks again for your help .
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    Welcome Fred,

    Hope to get a chance to chat to you about all things full size and mainline.. Saw you at Warley, but didn't really have time to come over as I was operating.

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    I think you've got the wrong Fred. I'm Frederick Elwyn Lewis Not Frederick John Lewis . Happens all the time .
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    :)) My apologies..

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    Hi Fred -

    I'm trying to remember!

    I think I spot soldered the joining ring inside the smokebox. It had been soldered to the boiler first.

    The Cast front ring was then epoxied in.


    I hope that helps!

  9. Fred Lewis

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    Thanks Tony .