The last HST from Paddington - Gone With Regret?

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Lyndhurstman, 23 May 2019.

  1. Lyndhurstman

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    Well, It's finally happened. After 43 years (apt - in an non-APT way) the HST finally bowed out of services to the West Country.

    They'll be missed by me. Gone With Regret? Sort of. They were useful tools, even when deliberately shorn of accomodation (the full set down here was modified for the lumps and bumps west of Exeter). And - in my experience - they were very reliable. I daresay Paddington will be a much quiter place without them.

    Here's a YT film of the event.
    The Last HST's from Paddington


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  2. Phil O

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    Gone from Pad, maybe, but still alive down here on Penzance to Cardiff''s as 2 + 4 units at least for a few more years.
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  3. Lyndhurstman

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    Hello @Phil O
    Ah... So us Plymouth types will still get them, then. That’s good. I think :)


  4. cbrailways

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    ...and don't forget XC still run a few full length ones down to the sunny Southwest (well to Plymouth at least).
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  5. Graham Bustin

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    I live near the Berks & Hants line west of Reading and my daily walk with my dog is parallel to it for some distance.
    I must admit to missing HSTs, you hardly know that there is a railway there now, except for the B****y eyesore catenary.
    Only 59s and 66s on stone and tankers worth looking at.
    Steam specials appear to have dried up too.
    Keep modelling.
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  6. Lyndhurstman

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    Ha! I didn’t even think of them. Because As gas as my experience glued, they're called Cross Country because they wind everyone up


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