The Sheep Chronicles.

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  1. Stubby47

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    ...seems to be full of snow.
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  2. GrahameH

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    Is seemingly full of snow !

    edit : Stu beat me to it sorry !
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  3. NHY 581

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    A visit to Mutton by Norman Lockhart and Ivor Peterborough resulted in this black and white image from Norman.

    Rob. 20190203_185334.jpg
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  4. NHY 581

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    Bleat Wharf is now rebooted with all trackwork laid and tested. Updates are on the relevant topic in the Cameo Comp.

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  5. Pencarrow

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    Surely rehoofed rather than rebooted?
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  6. 76043

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    I doubt I'm the first enquire about your username, NHY 581, looks like a car number plate to me, then I spot the same number plate on the car in the latest shot above. Do you own the plate or car or both?

    Of course it's not a hideous US beast like a Dodge Ram, but probably not a Austin Ant, Moggy Minor or Leyland Leopard either?

    I don't recall a Lanchester Lamb or Riley Ram?
  7. Heather Kay

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    Perish the thought! The number belongs to the midnight blue 1951 Bentley MkVI once owned by
    Ivo Peters, famed for photographing and filming the Somerset & Dorset in its last years.
  8. NHY 581

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    Spot on Heather and no I do not own it but it still exists.

    It's owned by Julian Birley and is still seen out and about.

  9. Pencarrow

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    A must for every period layout in Ivo's area.
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  10. georgeT

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    Hi Rob, Must say your weathering is superb you have really captured a southern region setting...
  11. NHY 581

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    Evening George. Very kind of you. Mutton is pretty much thereabouts now. Work is switching to Bleat Wharf, an outpost of the dear old S&DJR somewhere around the general direction of Burnlamb on Sea.....which is due to be exhibited at the end of April....

    Southern infrastructure with Midland motive power.

    In the meantime...........Another view of Mutton.

    Rob. 20181112_210018.jpg
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  12. NHY 581

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    Mutton, along with fellow chapter of the Sheep Chronicles, Sheep Lane, has graced this months issue of Model Rail.

    Here are a couple of images of Sheep Lane taken by Chris Nevard.

    Rob 180206 Sheep Lane DSC_9801_preview.jpeg 180206 Sheep Lane DSC_9794_preview.jpeg 180206 Sheep Lane DSC_9818c_preview.jpeg 180206 Sheep Lane IMG_4426_preview.jpeg
  13. Joe1980

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    Really enjoyed the feature in Model Rail. Will likely use a few of the techniques mentioned when I come to detailing my “The Idler” layout.
  14. GrahameH

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    If memory serves I believe a less well know photographer also took photographs which didn't make a magazine


    Never did make it to print for some reason !

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  15. NHY 581

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    Thank you Joe.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    The article was not quite ( in places)as I related to the comic so feel free to clarify anything on here.