The Sheep Chronicles.

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    Some great photos Rob, looking forward to seeing Bleat at Taunton.
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    Your recent photos have the look of paintings about them Rob.
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    Morning all.

    Bleat continues in it's molluscesque progress towards some sort of completion.

    This is a monochrome version of a image previously posted.

    The brake gear on the mineral has since been spoken to.

    Rob. 20190415_014557.png
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    Norman is getting quite good at this photography lark.
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    Another view of Bleat Wharf.

    I really must weather the B4 at some point.

    Rob. 20190416_054932.png
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    The colour if the sky makes me think that the B4 is about to get seriously weathered...
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    Kind regards,

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    With all this attention on Bleat Wharf, Mutton was feeling a tad left put. .

    Another view of 30584.

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    Even more like a painting Rob.
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    20190426_134627-02-01-01.jpeg 20190502_211659-01-01.jpeg 20190510_064738-01-01-01-01-01-01.jpeg 20190506_143202-01-01-02.jpeg 20190506_143117.jpg Morning all

    It's been a while since I posted here. The updates have all gone onto Bleat Wharf ' s thread.

    Here are a few photos to keep things bubbling along.

    Over the next couple of weeks I shall be doing a few jobs on Mutton ahead of it's next outing in early June. I shall pop updates on here accordingly.

    A bit of Bleat then........


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    20190518_154704-01.jpeg 20190519_184421-02.jpeg The latest addition to the Sheep Chronicles stock roster is that of a 9 plank mineral wagon.

    Portrayed by Hornby ( and others!) as an ex-L&NER loco coal wagon enquires made elsewhere indicate it's basis is that of a RCH private owner jobbie..

    I'm happy to accept it as is for now and present the above views.......before and after..

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    Subliminal, Rob.

    Well done.

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    Thank you Jonte.

    I have a few more wagons to do ahead of Mutton's next public outing two weeks today.

    However, the priority is resolving the running issues with the fourth Radial. I hope to tackle this today.

    I have also collected the parts for the 700 and will also be tackling only if I can sort out the Radial.

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    Ok, stupid qestion time!.

    Why does the 'loco' coal wagon have holes in the door`s?...... :confused:

  18. Lightman

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    Brian, I believe that the holes were there for when the wagon was empty and the latches were undone, you could put your hand in and pull open the door if it was stuck. It saves having handles etc. (unless I am totally wrong, which will be pointed out by someone!) Cheers, Earl
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    A touch of the South Western about Bleat Wharf today as it acted as a test bed while I serviced the locos for Mutton.

    Rob. 20190526_165402-01-01-01.jpeg
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    20190526_152207-01-02-01-01.jpeg With due apologies for the wonky whistle....since addressed........

    Another view