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    Prior to any weathering being applied, here's another view of Westminster. 20191102_200310-01-01-01-01-01-02.jpeg
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    Bleat Wharf will be appearing here...

    Cardiff (Small) Model Railway Show 2020

    Saturday 18th. January, 2020

    10:00am – 4:30pm

    Scout Association Headquarters,

    Fields Park Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff

    CF11 9HX

    With a trade presence by Messrs Lord & Butler,

    Cardiff Model Rail Centre, Penarth Road, Cardiff.

    Admission £4:00p adults. Under 14s Free

    Refreshments - Ample free parking
    ( At the time of writing, the adjacent car park is 'pay and display' Monday to Friday, but free on weekends )

    Public Transport – several Cardiff Bus services stop outside

    ‘The Halfway’ public house, Cathedral Road

    less than five minutes walk to the venue.

    A number of local modellers have agreed to exhibit their model railway layouts,

    whilst others will demonstrate a variety of railway modelling disciplines; all in a one day show.

    At least a dozen model railways featuring most of the popular scales

    (e.g. 7mm scale / ‘O’ Gauge, 4mm scale in both ‘EM’ and ‘OO’ gauges, as well as ‘OO9’ narrow gauge) will be on display.

    Full details of layouts and demonstrators attending, will follow.

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    I hope you have a good show with plenty of interest. I do like the smaller local shows with a few little gems. It's grassroots modelling! Unfortunately just a little outside my local area.
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    Morning Adrian.

    I am very much of the same opinion. I much prefer the smaller show myself. This will be the fourth year for me at what is my local show.

    It's more of a social than an exhibition and we have our 'regulars' , some of whom travel considerable distance to attend.

    It normally starts the year off, exhibition wise but next year Bleat is at the S&DJRT show at Edington on the 4th/5th Jan.

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    Morning all.

    Nice and early post due to night shift.

    Yesterday saw more industrial action at Bleat Wharf. 20191109_080517-02-01.jpeg 20191109_075459-01.jpeg 20191109_072828-01.jpeg 20191109_073430-01.jpeg
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