The Sheep Chronicles.

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    Afternoon all.

    Thanks for kind words. Not doing a lot on Bleat Wharf at present as I am doing a few jobs on Mutton ahead of the exhibition. However, I will do a write up on the concrete stuff in due course.

    Here is a view of Mutton as is. Just getting a list together. It's mainly adding the little details, a cameo or two........

    Late September 1958.

    Replacing the usual Radial, Driver Tommy Cooper and Fireman Eric Sykes pause at Mutton with the Up afternoon mixed from Lamb Regis to Eweminster. The leisurely schedule allows for a cup of tea with Porter Ronnie Barker who has no customers for hair cuts this afternoon.

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    Evening all,

    Now started prepping Mutton for the Cardiff Show in two weeks time.

    I have finally got around to doing a bit of work on 30582. A standard Hornby jobbie and of the three Radials I have, it is the most problematic.

    A return to the shop followed by a visit to Hornby failed to improve things. Today I stripped and cleaned the gears which were full of white grease and generally made a fuss of it followed by a bit of running in.

    This has improved things no end. Could be better but it's a start.

    It will be weathered and detailed in line with 30584 and 583 both of which require crews.

    The 700 also needs a crew and I may do the T9 for variety.

    Here is a view of the test track with the works forecat supervising.


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    I trust that the works forecat has its own spotters book?
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  5. NHY 581

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    20180930_150222.jpg A touch of monochrome from Ivor Peterborough.

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    No doubt the works forecat will not release it till it runs purrfectly.

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    By way of an update, the Hattons 14xx have been sent back, never to return. My experience with Hattons over this matter has led me to decide never to deal with the company again. A combination of things but overall, a very unsavoury episode.

    What it has taught me is the value of my local shop whom I have dealt with for many years and is normally my first port of call.
    I went to Hattons simply because the 14xx were unique to them.

    Moving on, I hope to post some updates regarding work on Mutton this coming week, ahead of the Cardiff show on the 20th/21st Oct.

    A further Adams Radial will be added to the roster making four in total.
    A bit of stock weathering, added detail and one significant addition and we should be good to go.

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    Good to see you are getting some modelling done, despite your gloomy predictions of time you'd have available.
  10. NHY 581

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    I've taken some time off ahead of the chance otherwise.
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    Is that two with the same running number (if BR) ?
  12. NHY 581

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    Very astute Yorkers.

    Two examples of 30583, early and late crest. Here's the late one.


    I have just changed the crests on 30582 to early, so when all are early crest this will date things to pre July 1960. Also adding the window bars to the early 30583. Only one so fitted.

    We like Radials...

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    Morning all.

    Another view of 30583 and the reference photo behind. I hope to have the early crest example in a similar condition by the end of the day.

    Rob. 20180204_143407.jpg
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    Looks very good Sheep Bloke.
  15. NHY 581

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    20181015_095014.jpg A goods shed for Mutton.......
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    Those are very large sheets of wriggly tin...
  17. NHY 581

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    Don't tell me, tell Bachmann............
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    Dear Bachmann, those are very large sheets of wriggly tin.
  19. NHY 581

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    20181015_171834.jpg 20181015_171040.jpg In any event, Mutton has a goods shed......which is quietly being eaten by Mother Nature.....
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  20. NHY 581

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    Mk II.

    The concrete hut has been removed to open things up a tad.

    Rob. 20181015_205312.jpg
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