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Discussion in 'Techniques' started by TheSnapper, 22 October 2018.

  1. TheSnapper

    TheSnapper Western Thunderer

    Currently slowly building one of these:


    Can anyone tell me if there is a significant difference in sound between, say, a Class 24/0, a class 25/1 and a Class 25/3, or do they all make more-or-less the same noises.


  2. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    They are all basically identical, its the same basic engine in all 3 of them, just a few minor tweeks to get a bit more power out of them in the 25s over the 24

  3. Steph Dale

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    Yeah, I agree with Richard's assessment. Worth noting that the extra power was gained by increasing the speed of the engine, which would have negligible effect on the perceived sound, unless running flat out.

  4. Cliff Williams

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    The 6LDA28 engine sounds the same in the 24 and the 26. The 25 and 27 sound similar.
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