4mm The Strawberry Line in P4

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  1. ullypug

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    Hi Ade
    The earlier strip wood one if you can please. I've a mind to feature a barrow full with the joining poles as in the picture, along with piles of empties on the platforms.
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  2. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    I've been assembling the main walls with their overlaid embossed ABS. These have been pre-painted but will need finishing with filler around windows and the main wall joins. I'm also going to fill the mortar courses with filler powder and set off with a dark wash, a la Downes.
    I'm pleased with how things are going. I've incorporated an unprototypical ring beam at eaves level around the shed top to add a bit of rigidity.
    The theory of doing the goods shed first was to iron out any problems with using laser cut parts. I've no complaints with what I've got, though my design of having the window frames on a separate layer behind the main structural wall will result in the frames sitting too deep I think. I'm going to cut out the frames and try and inset these into the openings for the goods shed office at least and I'll see how I feel about the main part of the building. I'll correct this design on the station building, which I had drawn up but won't take too long to correct.
    Pictures attached of where I've got to. The goods office is presently being glued to the main walls and I'm using some rather nifty right angles magnetic clamps I got from York Modelmaking when I picked up the main goods shed components from them at the York show. The inner walls have yet to be added, the faces of which are the same embossed ABS.
    IMG_2718.jpg IMG_2717.jpg IMG_2713.jpg IMG_2714.jpg IMG_2715.jpg IMG_2716.jpg
  3. AdeMoore

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    Nice work as ever Andrew.
    First the basket dad didn’t have one, but an old friend in Cheddar does though not the right size as in my photo I posted earlier in the thread apparently. Look close enough to me. Your free to borrow one John & Sue Barrett they live in Cheddar.


    Next your goods shed had me fooled! Two lines going in from the Axbridge end.
    I didn’t remember that. Then I found this on Flickr Cheddar station (7), 1980 although from 1980, I remember it probably more from 1972 or there abouts Mike Wooly had his office built inside behind the left entrance as you look at that photo. Can’t say whether it was blocked up then or not. The doors were definitely on the other two entrances.
    Like that magnet clamp very handy by the look of it.
  4. Nick Rogers

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    I had no idea the good shed was so big Andrew! You have made a really good job of it so far.

  5. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Thanks Ade. I'll be at Railwells in August, but would be quite happy to collect the basket at some point. I'm only in Weston.
    Don't be fooled by the second opening on the goods shed. It was blocked up and the model is now as well! Certainly on all the photos I've got.
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  6. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Thanks Nick. Don't tell anyone, but I actually took 40mm out of the overall length to make it fit better.
    The shed at Axbridge is a very similar pattern, albeit handed and thankfully there were some drawings on the local authority planning portal which confirmed the length. 100ft in old money. The shed at Tucker St Wells is a similar style too, with some subtle differences.
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  7. AdeMoore

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    Jumped in to quick didn’t I! My memory was good after all!
    Cheddar is out the way for me to collect for you if that’s what you meant . I live in Wells work in M-S-N so mainly head the opposite direction, my dad now lives in Highbridge. So when you’re heading to Cheddar next drop me a message I’ll get it sorted.
  8. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Bit of an update before I head up to Expo EM this weekend.
    Windows were cut down and inserted into the reveals. Took a bit of effort but I'm really happy with the result. I'll make the adjustments on the station building. Internal faces have been added too along with the ashlar surrounds. It was only after I'd glued them down I found a photo showing they weren't there... Hey ho. Internal walls were whitewashed, so I'll do that later.
    After the final assembly including the rather groovy louvres in the end walls, I added dry filler powder to the mortar courses for the good shed and given it a wash of brown black.
    Lifecolor do a box of acrylic stone colours and I had used some of these on the stone surfaces before deciding I didn't like the mortar colour and have given it another wash of mid-dark grey. Once it's dry I'll drybrush some colour back in and tidy things up. I said it was a learning exercise!
    I don't think I'll necessarily bother doing the mortar course thing for the station building. I'm not sure there's much benefit.
    One question: does anyone know any supplier that sells a reasonable representation of pantiles? The Wills sheet are not right for Somerset pantiles in particular and guess what? I thought the roof was plain tiled but closer inspection reveals it was pantiled. Axbridge and Wells were the same so I guess it's a function of the shallow roof pitch. Answers on a postcard please...
    IMG_2776.jpg IMG_2778.jpg IMG_2781.jpg IMG_2780.jpg IMG_2777.jpg
  9. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Good to see some of you at Railex briefly yesterday.
    Goods shed doors done and fitted and the internal platform fabricated from plastic sheet. Presently in the garage under a coat of primer. The walls have had a bit more colour dry brushed in to lift the grey with more beige. I think I've found something that will suffice for the internal platform crane. Don't seem to be able to find anything that matches exactly.
    Have received notification that the double roman tiles ABS sheets have now entered the country, so I can make a start on the roof carcass. Bought some nice rain water hoppers and brackets of Modelu at Railex yesterday so all coming on nicely. IMG_2870.jpg IMG_2871.jpg IMG_2873.jpg IMG_2874.jpg IMG_2880.jpg
  10. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Final straight now. Really impressed with the ABS sheet representation of double Roman tiles. Roof duly added and painted. Bargeboards, soffits and gutters added too. A couple of make up pieces to fettle once the glue's gone off as I mis-measured slightly. IMG_2904.jpg IMG_2906.jpg IMG_2903.jpg IMG_2907.jpg IMG_2905.jpg Rainwater hoppers and down pipes from Modelu. Just need a few 1mm clips which hopefully I can get this weekend at Warminster.
    The internal platform has been painted and a representation of the crane added. It's not quite correct, but don't tell anyone.
    Need some ridge tiles (probably York Modelmaking) and a few touch ups here and there but I'm almost done.
  11. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    Those ornate barge boards are exquisite and definitely place the building on the Strawberry line.
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  12. Duncan Chandler

    Duncan Chandler Active Member

    Were the Bargeboards from York Modlemaking? your modelling is first class
  13. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Yes they were.
  14. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    IMG_3404.jpg IMG_3411.jpg IMG_3415.jpg IMG_3399.jpg IMG_3407.jpg IMG_3408.jpg IMG_3400.jpg Some pictures of the finished for now goods shed in situ on the layout. This unlocks the next sequence of terra forming with ground levels to be built up around the end of the goods shed siding. The goods shed platform is stuck down, whilst the actual shed is to sit in a socket as it will be removable due to spanning a board joint. Don't like the idea of keeping the buildings in the garage over the winter, so will have a transportation case built (as will the station) to keep in the house over the winter months.
    Just having a break from buildings for a while, then it's on to the station!
  15. Dave Holt

    Dave Holt Western Thunderer

    Looking good in situ, Andrew. Your use of expanded foam for the platform infill is interesting. Did you just happen to have some the right thickness, cut it to suit or have you made the platform height to suit the foam?
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  16. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    A bit all of the above really Dave. It’s the leftovers from the baseboard construction. Being 15mm it’s perfect for platforms once I’ve put a 1mm layer on top.
    I’ve just bought another box from Panel Systems, though this is for 5mm stuff which I’ll use for ground levels and possibly building shells. Can be built up in layers and glued with ‘No more nails’ or similar.
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  17. ullypug

    ullypug Western Thunderer

    Inbetween building the goods shed and drawing up the artwork for the station building, which has now arrived, I've been building a twin set AEC railcar set for Cheddar. This is from a set of etches from Worsley Works. To be fair, they are sold as a set of scratch aids, but I've found it all quite a challenge.
    Unfortunately the etches contain a number of errors which regrettably I didn’t discover until fairly late on.
    Notably, the windows in the rail car sides are set too low, with the exception of the central door. For some reason they’ve all been set about 1.5mm too low whereas they should all be at the same level. The drawings in the Judge book clearly show it though I’ll admit I didn’t notice at first. The problem became apparent when I started to paint and line the rail cars. The line between crimson and cream should be at the top of the sloping triangular fillet in the front nose, then continue at that level along the body side. I’ve had to bend the lining round to have it in the correct place at the crease in the nose front, otherwise it would have been too low. It’s one of those things that some people undoubtedly won’t notice but once you know it’s there it does kind of leap out at you.
    The droplight for the front door is the right size, unfortunately the window opening is too large so the droplight isn’t very effective. I formed some new ones from painted plasticard but I can see in the photo one needs more attention.
    I deviated from the intended chassis construction arrangement as the skirt section is supposed to join to the body at top of skirt, but is too narrow resulting in an obvious join. I cut the chassis parts in half longitudinally and soldered to the body sides.

    I’ve attached some photos for reference. Car 36 hasn’t yet been glazed or had the bogie side frames added.
    As far as other constructional details go:
    I used Lima mouldings for the railcar bogie side frames from Peter’s Spares, coach corridor connections were from MJT and I used Kadee No 21 couplings to represent the knuckle/buck eye connectors.
    I‘ve used a Replica motorised chassis to power the railcar no 36 (the restaurant car). This is the 57ft version cut and shut to match the reduced wheelbase. I used one of their mark 1 coach interiors in the unpowered car, cut and shut to fit the seating arrangement. The unpowered car No 35 sits on MJT CCT's. IMG_3586.jpg IMG_3587.jpg IMG_3584.jpg IMG_3585.jpg IMG_3591.jpg
    Paint is Precision Carmine and cream. Lining is by Fox transfers. Roof vents and buffers are Comet.
    The roof ridge at the front was formed from Milliput and sanded to shape once the initial application had set. Light boxes were formed from Evergreen strip and rod. Cantrail is square Evergreen strip.

    Overall I've mixed emotions about this one. I'm very pleased with how I managed to form the body from a single etch and incorporate the curves of the roof front. I'm really disappointed about the windows. But I reckon from 3ft away at speed I might get away with it. Just don't tell anyone...
  18. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Gutted for you - I can understand the dilemma. When I first saw the photos I thought it a very nice model (having built a Cavalier single car unit in 7mm many moons ago) it looked good. However now that you've pointed out the issue with the windows I can't un-see it. :( :shit:
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  19. Pannier Tank

    Pannier Tank Western Thunderer

    I've had a Worsley Works etch for a 4mm GWR Single Railcar sitting in my bottom draw for over 5 years and having read your thread I thought I'd best check it!

    All appears to be ok, the Door & Window / Windows are all in line. They look as though they are at the right height, so will hopefully look ok.

    You did a good job on the roof ends, one area I'm a bit apprehensive about.
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  20. john lewsey

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    Great modeling Andrew
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