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    The station area is starting to take shape. I’ve been terraforming with sheets of craft foam, stuck down with no more nails. Gives me the subtle variations I need. Still a long way to go but it’s looking more like how I want it to! ACD90690-B31E-4F46-9E3B-3CF7F43F3D39.jpeg 199C3B07-1F9A-4F21-A0BE-7360B2A817A9.jpeg 804D58C5-015B-4956-84C2-7BE80A1B76EF.jpeg BFD35966-DFFE-41C2-8D6F-52EEFBD69A49.jpeg 29489F42-5B63-470E-8C5C-932034C377F9.jpeg 0EA270AE-BEF6-495E-8D9B-C0539A03CC0C.jpeg 7F0C8236-07A2-4214-BAEE-5ACBD18AF969.jpeg 36941891-D8D3-47F2-97F2-518B2CE89499.jpeg
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    Wow so many memories! Looking so recognisable now.
    Looking superb Andrew.
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    Morning all. After an interesting couple of weeks, I've started working on the station building again and moved on to the roof. The parts were cut when I had the rest of the building done and I can now start to assemble the parts. The distinctive ends are layers of mdf, row mark and perspex, sandwiched together and set with spray mount. The top edge is then glued into the roof slab, the underside of which I had rendered to match the diagonal planking. The colour will need lightening a bit from the rattle can I used.

    I also cut a layer of joists which increase the effective thickness. I should have a second layer of purlins, running horizontally along the roof line between the joists and the roof, but I wanted to make the roof as rigid as possible and I don't think anyone will notice. I can always add something cosmetically after (he says knowing full well he won't).

    Glad to say the roof has turned out well and fits nicely onto the station walls. Just a little bit of fettling to do to get it to sit without visible gaps. They I can turn my attention to the trussing.

    I've had to re-draw the clerestory roof as it consists of glazed panels, rather than solid as I first thought. They're on order from York Modelmaking, along with a miscellany of detailing parts; bargeboards, brackets, quoins, footbridge parts, including balustrades and the rather nice entrance gates. I've been informed they can all be cut from Rowmark so we'll see what turns up.

    Turns out the shed roof was clad with double Roman tiles rather than decorative flat tiles as per the annex buildings so that will make like easier.

    The walls have had the mortar courses filled with a ready mix filler and I need to add final stonework colouring, which will be a darker colour than at present.
    IMG_4332.jpeg IMG_4335.jpeg IMG_4337.jpeg IMG_4338.jpeg IMG_4340.jpeg IMG_4343.jpeg IMG_4344.jpeg IMG_4345.jpeg IMG_4346.jpeg IMG_4347.jpeg
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    That is mighty fine Andrew.
    Really great detail.
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    Beautiful ! Nay, superb.
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    Thanks for all the kind comments folks. The roofs moved on a bit with the clerestory assembled. There’s no way I’d have been able to achieve this level of consistency without using laser cut parts. I’ve beefed up the support across the clerestory gap to add a bit of strength.
    35E31895-A3B7-4AD4-94A0-83D7C95D5883.jpeg 76885461-0145-4D55-B045-E7ADD1DB3B42.jpeg 8D227511-FFB6-4A5E-A7A6-5C792CBDBE40.jpeg 5936FFAC-F139-441F-859A-4BCD2DC8E848.jpeg
    In other exciting developments, I’ve had some sneaky pictures sent of some of the details. Can’t wait to get my hands on those barge boards!
    92D10F69-65AF-40BD-A0DA-DF435DF0D054.jpeg 38D43D70-C3F2-4FC1-8F43-BEF27738D177.jpeg 1ECA9CB1-F3BF-480C-B1AF-6A03D7A3E356.jpeg 6861AC3A-29FF-411F-86A0-A47D7B133782.jpeg
    I’ve also built the garage used to house the motor bus in the 1930’s which connected with Burnham-on-Sea. It’s over on the left hand side of the photo.
    CDBA839D-CE6E-4DC7-B828-491970EA2102.jpeg 1C6C320D-CD85-4F52-B78B-5C08F8C82ADB.jpeg