Trumpeter 1:35 scale DRG Baureihe 86 display model.

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    True, this is why I moved to UK locos.
    There were a few in the past. Mostly gone. Reinhart Uhde at is still producing some models. As the RTR models are taking over the more common classes, he concentrates on more exotic prototypes.

    I was lucky, I could get an example of his BR78 on ebay.


    certainly not comparable with recent UK kits, but I am sure it will be a lot of fun, either way.

    Sorry, I am a little late with my contribution to the deviation.

    btw. M+F had always the unofficial name "Murks und Fummel" what could be translated to "botch and fumble"

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    looks like I forgot in my earlier email what I had in mind to write, your 86 is a piece of art!

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  3. P A D

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    Many thanks to all for the kind comments and interesting deviations. I'm glad you enjoyed the build.

    The BR78 4-6-4 looks like a very interesting tank loco (tenderlok). I hope we will see the build written up on here some time.

    Thanks for the heads up on Atzschilder. I just need to decide on a number etc and work out how to order.

    So the final detail (apart from lamps and wiring has been added. I almost overlooked this oil feed from the rear oilbox to the coupling.

    The conduits and junction boxes have also been painted and weathered to finish them off.

    And a shot of the model with a more natural background. Unfortunately this is the only place I could do it and the coping stone are sloping so I couldn't put it on the rails. Still, it looks more realistic.

    Maybe I'll do another one some time and back date it with scratch build riveted tanks. Or maybe I'll just get back to 0 guage and finishthe 5 or six working models that still need completing!
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    What can one say? Absolutely stunning model with an amazing level of detail and beautifully finished.
    The question of what to do next is always a difficult one. I'm faced with the same dilemma. Do I start one of my many un-built kits or finish off the Ivatt 2 tank?
    If it were me, I'd probably go for building some more of the 7 mm locos.
    Whatever you choose, I bet we'll all enjoy watching it progress.
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  5. P A D

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    Many thanks Dave.

    Yes it's definitely back to 0 gauge. I've got a buyer for my Finney A3 so that needs completing when I get it back from Warren Haywood. The same goes for the A4 and then there's the BR 4MT and Stanier 4P to dismantle for painting. The Stanier 3P needs motorising and pick ups added and stripping down for painting. Then I've got a Gladiator Stanier Mogul to build for myself and GCR 4-6-0 for a friend. The latter will be the next build with the others fitted in as and when. However, all that depends on being able to get back to the bench at my brother Mick's place. My wife suffers from asthma so she's not happy for me to break social distancing at this time, even with a relative. I can't build in the house at home and moving all my kit into the garage doesn't appeal, so we'll see. In any case the Baureihe 86 was an interesting digression from 0 gauge both in terms of the prototype and medium involved, but it's just a one off. I missed by brother's birthday due to the lockdown so I'm giving it to him as a belated birthday present. It will look good on his mantelpiece, hopefully in the Trumpeter display case if can modify the base to raise the clear plastic lid up to clear the loco roof.

    As for youf next build, it would be good to see the Ivatt 2 tank completed. The Oakville kit was my baptism of fire in 7mm so I have a soft spot for the prototype. If you need any detail photos let me know, as I took quite a few of one parked in the loco yard at the Mid Hants a few years back.

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  6. P A D

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    I should have completed the lamps by now but can't find the clear plastic bulbs I sourced from a supplier in Greece.
    I'm hoping they are still in the drawer of my work bench at my brother's, but if not I'll have to find the supplier again and re order. I've also lost the remains of the glazing sheet which had the "glass" for the lamps. I can't add enough of these. :rant::rant::rant::rant::rant::rant: to say how pi55ed off I am at my incompetence!

    In the meantime I've been modifying the Trumpeter display case to see if I can use it for the 86er. To lower the roof of the loco I've cut two slots in the base to represent sunken rails. After marking out, I drilled and filed a half inch slot at one end that allowed my keyhole saw to fit through, then carefully cut the rest. Here's what I have now.

    And with the 86 on the "rails". Sorry about the crap images but it was raining so I couldn't take them on the garden table.

    And with the lid on. Lots of reflection and a poor image, but now the top just clears the roof. I'm hoping to build up the base around the edge so the lid sits a little higher but haven't considered how to do it yet or what raw materials are required. The base flexes now after cutting the slots, so I'm going to glue some 0.6mm ply wood underneath to keep it rigid and close the slots at the bottom. That will be bought in Hobbycraft when I do the weekly shop tomorrow, face suitably covered.

  7. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    I've found the bulb supplier if I need to reorder. I've added the link below in case in they are of interest to others on here. The products are mostly for AFV modellers, but if you go to 1:35 products and scroll down you will find them. As I remember, the cost was 9 euros for 2 packs of three including postage.

    slingshotmodels: PRODUCTS 1/35

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  8. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    And all the post 1945 weight, water warning, class, warning, etc decals :). Unless they are provided for in the kit.
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  9. P A D

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    Yes of course Dave. I'll be ordering the whole nine yards.

    So, I got some 3mm plywood from Hobbycraft and after cutting to a suitable size, glued it to the underside of the base with impact adhesive.

    I've scribed a line to the outside of the slots and will paint the edge to represent a sunken rail.


    And with the lid on, it just clears the top of the ventilator, which is the highest point on the loco. When I get hold of some 80 thou plasticard I'm hoping to raise it by making a ledge around the edges, which will include a recess for the lid.

    Moving on to the lighting, the LZ Models aftermarket set includes some very nicely detailed resin lamps. However, to have used these I should have omitted the styrene lamp bases from the kit, but it's far too late in the build for any butchery. Hats off to Mickoo for attacking the firebox on that beautiful A2 to correct the errors.

    The kit lamps are lacking detail and the handles are way too thick, so these were removed and replaced with 0.4mm copper wire. Further detail from the Eduard set was then added to improve them. Six very fecky parts requiring lots of tweezer work and choice language. Here they are mounted on cocktail sticks to spray the primer and black topcoat.


    Here they are after spraying and brush painting the insides white. Some touching up is required to complete but they're looking good so far. I've been lucky enough to find the missing lamp glazing but had no joy with the bulbs. My brother has also searched my workbench at his house and come up empty handed as well. I've got some cast resin bulbs in grey so have painted them silver and may use them instead of ordering some more, as I've already thrown quite a bit of cash at this toy train.

  10. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    The lamps are now completed ready for fitting and wiring up (cosmetic only of course). A final detail spotted on prototype lamps is the small lever to the right in the photo. I'm not sure what this is for and it should be an oblong loop similar to the cab door handles, but I've compromised on these spare etched ones. I see the one third from the right has taken a knock and will need straightening.

    And a quick trial fit on the front. The clearance between the left hand lamp and the grab rod 8s very tight so I've had to file a groove in the side of the lamp to get it to sit down. It wont be noticeable when its blacked up. The cabling from the lamps to the plugs/junction boxes exited the lamps low down on the left side to rear and holes have been pre-drilled to fit this from 0.4mm copper wire. As can be seen, I've settled on the grey resin bulbs with the "glass" painted silver and the base in brass. 20200723_211501.jpg

  11. Deano747

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    Hi Peter

    I've been following this build quietly as not really my thing, but what you have produced, as with all your builds, is a complete work of art!! The attention to detail is second to none and I admire your patience especially when things don't work out, ie some of the paintwork. It is another masterpiece from the PAD stable that you should be proud of. I'm sure your brother will provide a good home for it!

    Best regards
    Rob (Deano)
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  12. P A D

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    Hi Rob,
    Many thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated.

    It was not really my thing either, but the 86 is such an interesting loco and something different in terms of the prototype, the railway and the building medium. Apart from the initial dabblings with the kit last year, it was not my intention to build it for a while, but it's been a godsend after having abandoned my propper work bench due to Covid 19.

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  13. P A D

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    Well at last the loco is finished apart from sourcing and adding the number plates etc. Oh, and refitting the cab doors, both of which I've managed to push off during handling. The LZ models aftermarket kit only supplies four plugs/sockets for the lamps, when six are required. My scratched ones are not as good as the resin cast ones, so rather than have a odd one out on the rear, I made three. Here they are after fitting with the cables already attached awaiting insertion into the pre drilled holes in the lamp sides.


    And after completing.

    I've added a little more coal to the bunker, but still need to add some fall out to the rear platform and the top of the rear tanks.

    Here's the left front lamp, plus cable plug and socket behind the smokebox support strut.

    And the right hand side.

    The last part of the conduit run to the sockets has been added from the front junction box.

    And a couple of shots on the wall.

    After refitting the cab doors some further weathering with the airbrush is in order. Due to some household decorating, I can't access my reference works to sort out the plates I need to order from Bekcert Modellbau, but will get that done as soon as I can. I referred to the supplier as Atzschilder in a previous post (the name on my bookmarked page), but that of course refers to the articles on the page, namely "etched signs". Richard Spoors has kindly sent me a list of loco depot allocations 1945 to 1950, from one of his reference works which is most helpful.

  14. Dave Holt

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    Rather clever positioning there, Peter, with the light coming through the trees looking like steam from the chimney.
    The model just gets better and better.
  15. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    Many thanks Dave. The positioning was purely coincidental.
  16. P A D

    P A D Western Thunderer

    The cab doors have been refitted, albeit in an open position. May as well be able to see more of the inside details.

    And further weathering has been done with the airbrush to blend in the lamps and the conduit from the front junction box to the sockets on the front step struts.


    The recently fitted parts at the rear have also been toned down with the airbrush and over spill from filling the bunker has been added to the rear platform and tank tops.


    That's the loco completed for now until I decide on a number and get the plates ordered.

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  17. P A D

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    I've ordered the following plates from Beckert Modelbau.

    Loco number: 86 049
    Rbd: Dresden
    Bw: Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf
    Works: Borsig Berlin 1932 Nr. 1442

    My model as "configured" does not fully match 86 049 either running in service during Epoch 3 of the DR, or as it is preserved. These locomotives were far from standard in terms of the external details. Amongst others, they varied in terms of pre-heaters, water tanks, compressors, water pumps, front platform layout, grab rails by the front buffer beam lamps, the horizontal hand dail on the cab side and several others.

    My model differs from 049 as follows:-
    1. 049 has flat replacement steam dome cover lids, that I believe were fitted post WW2 by the DR. Mine has the original curved lids.
    2. 049 has steam heating pipes similar to UK prototypes. Mine has the standard DB/DR ones.
    3. 049 has curved ends to the horizontal cab handrail recessed. Mine has the rectangular type as introduced on the UK locos during the war.

    Other than the above, the model is a good match for 049 and as I have been unable to find a photo of an alternative that matches my model, I've compromised. I've also decided to leave the dust cover height on th case as it is and have now finished the base. Here's the base after painting.

    And with the model and lid on.

    I've also added a couple more details that I realised I'd overlooked. On the right to the front 9f the bunker is the pipe for dampening the coal.

    Along with this pipe under the left hand cab step. On some locos it reaches down below the mid point of the wheel and on some it is cut
    back to just below the step. 20200729_213738.jpg

    So, that just leaves the plates to be fitted.

  18. Steph Dale

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    Hehe, tank vent pipe Peter. Lots of tank locos (including British ones) have pipes like these to stop the back tank air-locking when the tanks are being filled.

    There's no way to pump the water up there, and if it did come out it'd just end up pouring onto the footplate. ;)

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  19. P A D

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    Hi Steph,
    My first thoughts were that it was a vent, but considering the small size of the pipe compared to vents on British prototypes, I did wonder. Then I spotted the text with these illustrations from the Wings and Wheels volume on the class. Not gospel I know, but that's why I mentioned it.
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  20. Steph Dale

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    They're having an almighty guess, I'm afraid.

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