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Discussion in 'WR Action' started by John TAYLOR, 14 December 2018.

  1. John TAYLOR

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    Having given myself a severe talking to about not buying myself a RTR Pannier tank for Christmas (cos I`m not building another kit). My divertional therapy has been digging out and working on some very old resin building kits.

    Tonight I`ve had a look at painting resin modelled timbers to look like old wood.

    Now, the last time I painted with acrylics was way back in 1971. I thought about buying a Vallejo acrylic weathered wood painting set and did a bit of research on Youtube into the early hours yesterday and decided they were not suited to UK Railway woodwork colours.

    So, this evening I chose Acrylic Titanium White, Ivory Black, Burnt Umber, and Lifecolor Dirty Black and came up with this result.........


    Why did I do this you ask ????

    Well over the past two weeks worth of evenings I`ve been changing this......


    To this.........


    ...and needed to paint the wooden loading bay structures which I completed this evening....



    And this is all because last month I upgraded this..........


    To this........



    Where is it all going to end ?????
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    Bless you!

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    Those are very effective weathered beams shown in your first photo. We have a few old exposed exterior oak lintels, and you have the color spot on.

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    Very impressive colouring in!

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    I have followed this build elsewhere John and my comments still stand, some excellent work on the resin kit, bringing a bland surface to life.

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  7. John TAYLOR

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    Thankyou all,

    This years resolution is to get to grips with weathering skills and have started reading up and researching paints.... It`ll be enamels and powders for locos and rolling stock. Acrylics for buildings and csenery.... oh dear all the right letters but not the right order...still adding Disaronno to the fruit juice!!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday/Happy New Year...please delete as necessary.......:drool:

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