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    I was pleased when the group build was announced, as I’d already decided to make a photo plank, and, indeed, already started. My motivation is that we have a clear horizon from our patio overlooking the Channel, and I wanted some form of plank on which to place my 0 Gauge models outdoors, for photography, so the pictures do not feature our rather tatty patio table, hence an embankment type of plank seemed the ideal choice. I’ve copied this post over from Steve’s intro to the build.


    My plank is constructed from an offcut of 4mm ply, (900 x 270mm) left over from my Porth Dinllaen locoshed baseboards, (see RMWeb) and a 3’ length of 4” x 1/2” whitewood - planed up it’s approximately 95 x 12mm which used to be part of the backing board for the curtain rail in our bedroom, until we decorated.

    These were held apart be three lengths of 2” x 1/2” whitewood, again left overs from the PD baseboards. These were screwed & glued together after chamfering the separators. I deliberately angled to trackbed to the base, to give varying slopes to the embankment.


    Then I attacked it with my sliced up paketo cornflako, and more Evo-stik woodwork adhesive.

    During last week, I wove horizontal strips through the slopey ones, and I covered the ensemble with brown paper ex grocery bags (reuse, recycle...) which gets you to the photo below. The track is Peco, with the webs cut off between the sleepers, so they can be more accurately spaced.


    I also had a go at making an accommodation crossing, which uses foam board, with DAS glued on, and carved whilst not quite set. Painted with acrylics.




    Never done this before, seems to have worked, but I was pleased to be doing random stone. I think coursed stone would require rather more discipline! Not sure, but rather suspect that I’ve overdone the mortar course gaps. Comments & suggestions most welcome.

    The road is an offcut of stone setts, I think it was Slaters, probably a bit left over from the Greater Windowledge Railway (RMWeb again).

    And that’s where I had got to when the build was announced. I’ve left it strictly alone since then, but now we are officially on the build, I will start to do a bit more.

    Comments, criticisms, suggestions etc most welcome!

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    Comments? Looks pointless to me... (see what I did there?)
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    I would use a mix of dark grey and concrete Ammo by Mig Jimenez or similar weathering powder. Mix it into a paste, brush on then wipe off when dry. This should leave the effect the stonework has been repointed.
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