Unklian's G3 workbench .

Discussion in 'G3' started by unklian, 24 August 2015.

  1. Spitfire2865

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    Looks very nice. I have no need for bolster wagons and Im still tempted.
  2. Mike W

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    I don't think timber would be transhipped, so these could turn up anywhere, as indeed could the LNWR ones! I'm sure I could make the case for a pair at Wellingborouh.

  3. Jon Nazareth

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    Shame the timber wagons weren't of the dumb buffered variety.

  4. unklian

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    Sorry Jon, I figured the later ones would be more popular and they lasted a long time, into BR days on the Isle of Wight .
  5. geoff_nicholls

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    Of course, what we need after this is an LBSC brake van. Which would fit nicely with unklian's marketing strategy, as, according to this website:
    Brake Vans 1
    all LBSC goods trains had to have TWO brake vans, one at each end.
    Sorry Ian, joking aside, I'd encourage anyone who produces a wagon kit, to consider following it up with a matching brake van. Brake vans are usually a bit more complicated than other wagons, so I believe a kit might be welcomed even more than a particular wagon. Though admittedly few brake vans travelled outside their own territory like wagons did. But after all, a loco with a wagon is just shunting, a loco with a brake van is a train!
  6. Mike W

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    Geoff, at least one customer has taken our GER brake van and changed the roof profile to approximate an LBSC van. I don't know how accurate it is, but they do look similar. I have also seen one of our GER vans painted up as an early GWR Mink - fooled me for a while as I wondered whose model it was and then realised it was mine!
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  7. geoff_nicholls

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    I had noticed the similarity of the GER and LBSC brake vans, it'd be nice to see a photo of that conversion.
    I hate to admit it, but Holden, who introduced that van on the GER, did come from the GWR. The vans are very similar. He was responsible for the round topped carriage doors of the London commuter carriages of both companies as well.
  8. unklian

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    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement . I have considered many different vehicles to follow the Brighton bolsters. However I must walk before I can run with more kits. Brake vans do make most attractive models and as Geoff points out every goods loco should come with a matching one. But I reckon that compared to a simple goods van, there is twice as much pattern making involved. Most brake vans being asymmetrical means all four sides are different. The running gear is also often different to standard wagons and often more related to carriage stock. I like horse boxes too, but they have the same idiosyncrasy's .
    These factors aside, I have set some rules for choosing another kit to do .

    First I must have a very good drawing and some good photos, no more models from weight diagrams and one fuzzy photo, I have been caught out like that before.
    Second it must have run on the Isle of Wight or a typical GWR branch line (in pregrouping times) , preferably both . And if you know anything about the I of Wight that is not narrowing things down as much as you might think .
    Thirdly it must have the potential to share lots of parts with more kits.

    Now all I have to do is finish the current project first ........

  9. Simon

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    That is a very nice wagon that you have created Ian, there is something very appealing about the IoW stock - it all "ticks lots of boxes" I think.

    I am still intrigued by the car truck DS60568, pictured at Ryde St Johns on 30th May 1964, pictured on p60 of British Railway Goods Wagons in colour.

    Cookie made a beautiful model of the FYNR tool truck converted from an open wagon in 1/32 scale, it really is quite something and all it needs is some gentle weathering. Perhaps Steve will show us.

    Sorry for the thread hijack, if I ever get myself back into pre grouping land a set of bolsters similar to yours are defo a possibility!

    I look forward to seeing whatever you next reveal…..

  10. Steve Cook

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    Needs a bit more than gentle weathering but its a classic Cookie - not a bad job but still unfinished :oops:

    Tool Van.jpg
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  11. Simon

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    Oooh, get that lettering on and weather it, 'tis lovely.

    Sorry Ian:oops:
  12. unklian

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    No worries Simon, if we keep nudging his conscience he might finish it ! Anyway it is good to see, I have the drawing and hopefully one day I will make one in G3 .
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  13. Steve Cook

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    I heard that ;)
  14. unklian

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    Been chipping away at a few things, but generally things have been slow, don't know why really !
    Been a bit distracted of course ...


    But I have resurrected the boxfile Diorama/layout and my first job has been to sort out a fourth box to use as a fiddle yard . The day being dry, I searched out some 6mm MDF ( very dusty ) and cut up the basic lining and track bed out in the garden. Now I have to make up some more lengths of inset rail section.


    Most important though I have made some more progress on the bolster wagon first build, to see how things are going to go together. I had to cut the laser cut w-iron parts from Mike Williams, as obviously they suit a longer wheelbase .


    My casting man had given me a couple of rejects from the run he did for me , the main issue being some bubbles on the underneath. So I filled them and repaired a few other faults so I could use it as a trial.


    I now have a mould for the bolsters and so I should have everything I need for this build. Here the floor has had packing ( white panels ) added for the w-irons, which in turn have been soldered together and had springs glued on. Axle boxes have been drilled. Bolsters and buffers to clean up and more push rods to shorten.


    Cruel close up time ! W-irons glued to packing and chassis . The axlebox keeps are held on with 12BA screws which I have soldered to the w-irons. I find this easier than trying to fit them with the wheels in place. The heads do need a flat filed on them to clear the axleboxes when they are slid in. You can also see the horse hook fitted from brass wire. The grey bolt head is a replacement for one that didn't cast. I used the Cambrian Models plastic nut and bolt mouldings on the pattern so they have been easy to replace. Of course the production castings don't have these faults .

    And finally up on its wheels for the first time .

  15. unklian

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    A bit more progress here, after a lot of faddling the bolster has brakes :thumbs: Must mention of course that they are mostly Mike William's parts, with a few mods to suit the short wheelbase .

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