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  1. steve1

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    As modellers we probably get through a lot of blades (X-Acto, scalpel, etc) that need to disposed of safely at the
    end of their useful life. Having fairly recently taken up 'proper' shaving using a safety razor with double edge
    blades, I now have an addition source of 'sharps' that need to be stored securely when their time comes.

    Looking at some shaving supplies retailers, I have discovered blade banks which are designed for this very purpose
    It then occurred to me that I could also use one for my used modelling blades in addition to the razor blades.

    I bought this for my razor blades:
    Feather "Blade Bank" Razor Blade Disposal Case

    Being metal, when it is full the whole thing goes to recycling and safely so.

    Thought I would pass on the tip here...

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  2. eastsidepilot

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    I must admit to having a large open top tin of used blades not only X-Acto and scalpel but Stanley and razor also. Will get one of those tins me thinks.
    Like the link Steve, seem to have trouble picking up razor blades when out shopping as supermarkets don't seem to stock them.

  3. Dan Randall

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    That explains the beard then Colin.... :)):))


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  4. Peter Cross

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    And there's me thinking a cut throat razor was proper shaving and no blades to get rid of. Very green.

    Tin looks good for other blades though.
  5. eastsidepilot

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    Who said I shaved my face :p :)):)):))
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  6. Gilbert

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    I fill a metal golden syrup tin kept near my workbench- when full I seal the lid on and dispose of in the metals bin at our local recycling site - where I tell the guys what I'm doing.