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Discussion in 'Gallery' started by West Junction, 4 February 2016.

  1. West Junction

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    My brother took this picture at West Drayton Middlesex about 1964 and I thought it might be useful for those modelling the early WR diesel scene who don't have room for long trains.

    Train formation.jpg
  2. Ian G

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    I remeber as a youngster watching the Princes Risborough to Aylesbury DMU towing a single van behind, never found out why.

    Ian G
  3. daifly

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    Perhaps the driver could see better than if it was being pushed!
  4. Wagonman

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    Tail loads behind DMUs were not unknown in those days (though I dare say the Aylesbury train was a DSU).
  5. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Any ideas why the steel bodied van on the right (ex gunpowder?) has a window in the end? Some departmental use I guess?

  6. daifly

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  7. Dog Star

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    Not an ex-gunpowder van at all. The GWR built "iron" bodied covered wagons for several departments, two examples are tool vans for Pooley (installation and servicing of weighing equipment) and mobile air compressors for the civil engineers. Some of the wagons were four wheel and some were six wheel... a fair number of these wagons were allocated diagrams and hence drawings are available.
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  8. Steph Dale

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    Aah yep, that would make sense. Thanks Dave!

    You too Graham, much appreciated.