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    I assume that only the A4s built with single chimneys had the revised double chimney and the ones built new with the original double chimneys, kept them in BR service. Does anybody know the reason for the BR revision?
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    Possibly for the same reason that the Kings had the change?

    With a single chimney, the blast was so heavy the fireman could never keep up and would lift the coal off the bars.

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    I am referring to to the shape at the rear of the chimney casing. On the original LNER ones there was a continuous slope all the way down to the boiler band. On the ones added by BR, the slope was cut short and the casing dipped down ahead of the band.

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  4. P A D

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    As in this extract from the Isinglass drawing.
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    Ah sorry Peter..

  6. Scale7JB

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    I wonder if it might have helped with draughting the smoke over the top. Or maybe it was just less work to produce in the workshops..

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    What ! no big 'ammer with this one Mick me old mate. :D

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    JB and Peter, I hope you don't mind me butting in, but it looks like the original extended chimney cowl sat just over the leading boiler cladding band. Cutting the rearmost part off could have saved a bit of time and messing about unscrewing things in the works during repairs?

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    Peter PAD does the Isinglass drawing show an above view of the revision to the chimney

    There is a superb above view of 60009s chimney in Ian Allans A4 Pacific book by the Former Top shed supremo Peter Townend which shows that cutting a short bit off the end was not the only part of the revision. The sides plates of the chimney start to contour in around the anti-vacum valve area to a point where the original area was cut short..

    I hope that makes sense

    copyright prevents me from showing the pic here

    ps the alteration to the chimney was to reduce corrosion spreading to the boiler plating

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    Ah yes!

    I should stick to the subject of brick chimneys... at least I know a bit more about them!!!

    And go back to thoroughly enjoying reading this masterclass thread!

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    Some cruel close ups of stays and such like between the frames, a few more to go, hopefully all done by tomorrow and then the main frames can be erected.

    Brake cylinders.

    Grease trap.

    Middle cylinder assembly.
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    Quicker quicker......
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    Should hopefully get the rest of the stays done tonight and then add the spring and horn guide castings before final assembly into a rolling chassis, hopefully by Friday, is that quick enough :cool:
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    Well, mine is to be this years combined birthday/Christmas present so not too far into the New Year would be good for me Mick -being purely selfish of course:p:thumbs:
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    I really like the way this all looks. Anybody know the number of any that worked on the North Cornwall line?
    What's the next loco on the design list?
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    Not sure whether it worked the North Cornwall line but there was only ever the one built - LNER No. 10000 and BR No 60700
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    Hi Peter,

    on one of Richard's posts on the Guild website, he mentions a G6 in the pipeline - another case of 'closing the stable door after the horse has bolted' as far as you might be concerned, but I'm sure that you will not have to think too hard on getting one winging its way across the pond as soon as they are announced! But it will be worth it.


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    Watch out for the T9s and L11.

    Dunno how I know about that.......

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    B1 next followed by the NER A7 after that it's something for me, the Princess Royal is head to head with a Britannia or Peppercorn A1/A2. No idea.....not prepared to comment on other stuff that may or may not be in the pipeline.

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  20. P A D

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    Hi Bob,
    No the Isinglass drawing does not include a plan view of the revised chimney. I don't have the book you mention so please could you send it to me in a conversation?
    Many thanks,