Wantage Tramway Jane No. 5 in 4mm

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    Thanks for the encouragement Ian,
    Also Peter and Chris for the likes! Appreciated.
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    Done a bit more. Just filing up my blanks.

    419CA3A1-5940-4214-AF32-F02EB4D2BA94.jpeg Q 425DA878-0033-4B19-8E7C-59E23B724C7B.jpeg 20E904FC-E9EB-4CCA-905D-94F70CC5D713.jpeg 7ED3FFEA-51EA-4CF1-919B-E31405F2B872.jpeg
    Couldn’t solder the laminations well enough advice was not enough flux.


    Made up a kind if jig but left the pin in which led to a useless outcome!
    529ED395-8274-4EAF-8A66-41C9F0B4363D.jpeg 16F866AA-8CBD-4DEF-8F51-05CE328BAE02.jpeg

    Cleaned up those badly soldered blanks again!


    Then I struck on an idea two coffee stirrers with dressmakers pins drilled through for location.

    335A14DE-6069-4E7F-931A-AC1C23B54EEF.jpeg 6B90ECE9-D4BC-4416-94F0-DA61D05E0E41.jpeg

    Guess what? I left the pin in for the connecting rod hole again! So sweated it back up and pulled the pin out.


    Which made the piston rod out of line. I heated again in a hair clip and sorted that.


    Bingo success one happy chappy after starting the crossheads last October!


    That’s 15 more to come just to finish off.

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    Both crossheads done.

    Time to mount on the front of the cylinders. But first as I envisage 70 deg solder for the cover plate, valve guide and slide bars all in one hit, I needed to cut and fit the cylinder wrappers.

    First the cylinder assembly needed a fettle to fit the wrapper between the front and rear plates.

    One wrapper fitted rear for solder and taking stock it’s great to do something other than the motion!

    Question would you solder the slide bars etc. To the rear of the assembly in one hit with 70deg? The wrappers etc are/will be done with 145deg.

    Progress pics.




    That’s it for the foreseeable not a lot gets done now the lighter nights are here apart from holidays.
    Until next time
    All comments greatfully received.
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    Congratulations on persevering with them - it looks like you got there in the end.
    The fool who said you learn more from your mistakes than your successes obviously hasn't made many cock-ups and they are learning points you really don't want to learn. I've been there myself soldering up valve gear into a solid lump, now I tend to use a mix of cigarette paper between layers to keep them separate and cocktail sticks in holes to align layers - solder doesn't stick to paper and wood!!
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    Thanks for looking in and your kind comments adrian.
    Every days a School day they say. The mistakes are fine you learn from them that’s part of the learning process.
    But to complete though still getting the crossheads slide bars motion bracket and cylinders all soldered together and working is going to be a big ask for me.