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    In preparation now, the superb new RCL Publications book WDLR Companion by Colonel David W Ronald and Roy C Link. Although titled as a companion (to the WDLR Album published in 2014) it is very much a standalone book. It is the result of original research into new material which for the first time explains how the WDLR came into being, how it was resourced and organised, and how it quickly became forgotten. It also contains a ‘Portfolio’ of 59 scale drawings by noted draughtsman Peter Foley, himself a WD Light Railway specialist, plus extracts from the report itself and much more original material not seen before. We expect this to be even more popular than the original WDLR Album.

    Being printed now, the price will be £31.95 - in a uniform format to our earlier book, 196 artpaper pages, over 62 photographs, 56 modeller's scale drawings, 29 drawings, diagrams maps and plans.

    A pre-publication offer is available on the Narrow Gauge & Industrial web site here narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk/products/wdlr-companion-pre-launch-offer

    Full of fascinating details, including how the WDLR was operated, there are reproductions of the original track and turnout drawings, including a 60cm/SG crossing - plus a deal more.

    Once the book is printed and bound, ready for despatch, the pre-pub offer will be withdrawn. All copies ordered will be sent to you direct from the printers.
  2. Paul Cambridge

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    This is excellent news. The 2014 WDLR Album is one of the most interesting and best produced books I have ever bought. Looking forward to this.
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    That's astonishing value for money (to be applauded in itself). Excellent news!

  4. jc2001

    jc2001 Western Thunderer

    The pre-publication orders have now been despatched and we will have the rest of the stock in the next few days. We have had some very positive reports on other forums.

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    Mine has arrived- hope to find time to open it later!
  6. daifly

    daifly Western Thunderer

    I’ve never had a particular interest in narrow-gauge railways but this volume (and its predecessor) are really worthy contenders for inclusion on a Christmas list! This new book is also beautifully produced and illustrated with stunning photos from a period very much in the forefront of our thoughts at this time of year. Highly recommended. Thanks, John, for bringing it to our attention.
  7. Paul Cambridge

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    I can only endorse Dave’s comments. As per the WDLR Album, it’s beautifully produced. Together the two books combine to tell the story in pictures and words of the enigmatic 60cm gauge system that served the British sector on the western front. Conceived in 1916, they were gone by 1919. Very much a solution to the dire problem of logistics to serve the front line at the time, by the 1920s the pneumatic tyred road vehicle had replaced the light railway as the military transport method of choice.
    My grandfather served with the Royal Field Artillery. He would have seen the WDLR in action and knew of my interest in railways. Yet like many veterans, never spoke of his experiences. For me, these books now provide that extra connection.
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