Weathering a Minerva Pannier

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    I am weathering a Minerva GWR 8750 0-6-0PT locomotive. I am trying to replicate the effect of a cared-for in-service engine. My first step having fitted the various accoutrements and nameplates to the model, was to polish the cab and tank sides with T-Cut and cotton buds. This imparts a pleasing shine and one of the photos shows the contrast between the polished cab and unpolished tank. I then applied the HMRS Methfix GWR Shirtbutton totem decals, which I think are nicely restrained compared with some of the bright yellow versions that appear from time to time.

    That done I brush painted a blend of Humbrol enamels M32 Dark Grey and M98 Chocolate. I applied the paint in downwards brush strokes from the top of the cabsides, tanks and bunker. The paint was then polished away with cotton buds allowing the polished green to shine through, but leaving small deposits of dirt around the rivets and handrail knobs. I think I have captured the effect I was seeking. Later, I will spray a very fine coat of the same colour to the top of the tanks and boiler and the cab roof. Gently does it.


    3702 polishing 1.jpg 3702 polishing 2.jpg 3702 Weathering Phase 1 1.jpg 3702 Weathering Phase 1 2.jpg 3702 Weathering Phase 1 4.jpg 3702 Weathering Phase 1 6.jpg
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    Nice subtle work worn weathering there Chris.........hopefully when I am back up and running with the models I'll get some inspiration from this.