Prototype what is the distance between point rodding guides?

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  1. geoff_nicholls

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    is there a standard distance between the guides/bearers (stools?) for point rodding? Or is there a book or website that explains how all this is configured?
    This is for a late 19th - early 20th century branch line.
  2. Jim smith-wright

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    Hi Geoff

    According to the instructions that come with wizard models bits it's 6ft pre grouping and 9ft post grouping (doesn't specify round or channeled rods though. You need compensators half way on any runs over 10 yards

    Edit > I use steve halls articles in MRJ which seem to be pretty detailed. I think the were in issue 113 and 115 (best to check the MRJ index first). Definitely worth getting them if you haven't already.


  3. Bill Campbell

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    Hi Geoff

    If you use Google to search for "distance between point rodding stools", you will find a number of references.

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    The instructions for the Ambis Point Rodding and Wire system state: "As a rule of thumb rodding supports would occur at 8 feet intervals (2.4m) for a straight run, reducing down to 5-6 feet (1.6m to 1.8m) for curves."

    The full document is available here:
    AMBIS Point Rodding & Wire System
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  6. geoff_nicholls

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    Thanks, I should have thought of checking the MRJ index, I'll follow up the other refs. I had checked photos of GER lines, counting the sleepers between each stool, but the sleeper spacing is longer on my branch line layout. As a result the stools are roughly twice as far apart as they should be, which is sort of fortunate, as I don't need to move them, just add more. So more are on order from Cliff Barker to fill the gaps.
    thank you to all who contributed.
    And I'll have a go at a compensator.
    I'll take some photos of the results and post them on my Aldeburgh Harbour thread.
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    Thanks Simon, very useful. Need to plan where my rodding runs are going before ballasting.
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    Nah, dig ‘oles...
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  9. Emma H

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    9' spacing for point rod supports.

    9 yard spacing for signal wire stakes.