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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by oldravendale, 29 June 2020.

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    Just before I start the Royal Scot I decided to put up a coat hook I've had for very many years. It's in my workshop. It struck me that it's a rather good quiz. So what is it? Here it's being used to hang an overhead electric warning sign with which most if not all of us are familiar which will give a sense of scale.


    But here's the item of interest in detail. I have full info, but does anyone recognise it? It's never been cleaned so displays its original patina. This would be a more normal perspective in its original location.


    I'll give a single clue - Yorkshire Dave is likely to home in on this first.......

  2. Dog Star

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    Retainer for leather window strap.
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    What he said.
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    Ah yes, Yorkshire Dave has something very similar.......for his lederhosen ! :))

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    Gottit in one. I expected there to be few takers but obviously there are plenty of old bu$$ers like me.

    History thereof. The overhead electric sign is from Fairburn 2-6-4 tank 42237 at Neasden on 7 October 1961. The window strap retainer was from Met Railway T stock 8-compartment Control Trailer 6735 on 7 February 1963.

    Makes a nice coat hook, though!

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    God, I thought my life had been boring
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    Thanks Simon! You just saved me doing that!

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    What he said...with brass knobs on !