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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Martin Shaw, 29 July 2020.

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    I'd have to agree with this sentiment. The apparent lack of pickups, wheel insulation and flangeless centre drivers I suspect it was probably stud contact as well.
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    Real old school stuff, but if Martin doesn't fancy the restoration then someone else into Coarse scale may use it for spares etc.
  3. Martin Shaw

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    Col and Adrian have rightly identified its origins. Who made it originally I have no idea but it was part of my late friends collection. It may have been stud contact originally although there is no evidence to support that. Doug would have converted it to outside third pickup as his railway was electrified on that method and I suspect the Fairburn fictition stems from then as well. The pickups will have been removed by the owner prior to me as the first step in 2 railing, surprisingly it is the only one in the collection that hasn't had a set of replacement wheels procured. I think it went in to the currently too difficult pile, pending an assessment. I think to sell it as is would give little reward, even in the coarse scale fraternity, the rear bogie isn't part of the chassis but is attatched via a T piece that rotates in a slot in the bogie stretcher. The incomplete set of wheels also devalues it and the motor that came out is a big 3 pole Bonds affair that does potentially have a secondhand value. I think Simon has a way forward but much depends on what is underneath the paint which will have to be redone whatever further course I might take, worst case a blow with a rattle can should move it on if that is the ultimate choice. I spoke to my painter and decorator this morning and amongst other things he is bringing me a can of cellulose thinners next week. Of course if it's glued together and falls to bits then there is another conversation with myself. I don't think a quick and easy one here.
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