What Projects Do You Have For 2012..?

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Jordan, 28 December 2011.

  1. Buckjumper

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    Et tu, Brute? :p
  2. Buckjumper

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    Wish I'd said that now...
  3. phileakins

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    In no particular order

    Redesign Dock Road to fit into the smaller space available and re-use as much of the pointwork already built as possible and then (and this is the catch) assemble it!
    Finish the Manning Wardle kit having now got a running chassis.
    Build a web site for 'Wadebridge 1860s' and tempt some exhibition invitations.
    Finally build the SEC P to scale 7 standards with inside valve gear of some description. The drawings are already done and posted.
    Get the machine shop up and running - well I say machine shop, it consists of a Unimat SL lathe set up as a milling machine, a Unimat Basic PC lathe, currently being altered to use the SL 'sharp end' in milling mode with a custom turned vertical shaft, and a vertical drill of uncertain parentage.
    Make a start on the Hatchette Flying Scotsman - yes I have all the bits. Question is 0Fine or S7.
    Retire in the spring.
    Complete the essays for the York/NRM Railway History course and sort out next year's subject (and pay for it!).
    Keep the wife happy - not easy.:(
    Provide some articles for the SECSoc magazine which actually adds something new.

    Having re-read the above, I think I'll forget retirement and keep on working, it'll give me an excuse when we come to next year's list.:D

    Happy new year chaps.

  4. AdamF

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    Like it :)
  5. eastsidepilot

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    Well looking back at what I said in January it didn't happen, one of my two B12's is in the same condition as it was last December and I didn't build any wagons as a way of refreshing my grey matter, although I have made a start on five "Bucks":rolleyes:, I did however finish the commission work:thumbs:
    My own personal "to be built list" is
    1x WD 2-8-0
    2x B12's
    5x Bucks
    5x Wagons
    1x GER Sundry van
    1x GER wisbech luggage/brake van
    3x Brake vans
    2x Wisbech coaches
    "and a partridge in a pear tree"

    Not saying what I'm going to finish of my own projects this year as it probably won't happen:headbang:but the workbench will be busy as the commission list has reached ten so far for 2012:eek:......and I still have to move house in Febuary, the words left, hair and don't spring to mind:oops:

    ATB, Col. :D
  6. Dog Star

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    In Blue eh! When did anyone last see a British Rail Universal Trolley Equipment (Experiment?) in use with parcels / sacks? Or had to dodge the electric tug as the Brutes snaked along the platform?

    regards, Graham
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  7. Rob Pulham

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    For me I hope to:

    Finish the A3 - getting nearer
    Finish the 06 - a long way off
    Finish the glass wagon Mmm....
    Master the art of drawing for etching and have something successfully etched.
    Build the F5
    Finish painting and adding transfers etc to the already built rolling stock - ran out of grey primer whilst doing the A3 cab:(
    Plan the layout
    Start the layout - hopefully building the track at least.
    Build a few more Slaters/Parkside wagons - I got quite a way through an LNER double bolster just before Christmas.
    Finish the refrigerator van.
    That should keep me going for a while:rolleyes:
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  8. 28ten

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    Those of you interested in learning CAD there are lots of video tutorials for Draftsite which is a free application and the one I would suggest for 2d drafting available for Mac and Linux as well. But as with all things you will need to practice and use it regularly to get decent results
  9. Pugsley

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    I plan to:
    Finish the 37
    Make significant progress on my EM layout
    Start the Sentinel, or the 108, in 7mm scale (haven't decided which yet, but it's one or the other)
    Have the prototype acid tank under construction by the end of the year

    Of the two S7 projects, I suspect that the Sentinel might get started first, as that doesn't require much in the way of complicated drivetrains or suspension!
  10. Rob Pulham

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    Hi Martin, whose Sentinel is it?
  11. adrian

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    Which Sentinel are you looking at? I've had a couple of ideas for building another one at some point. [Rob got there before me!]
  12. 40126

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    Rob, Have you got a thread for the 06 yet ?.

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  15. Rob Pulham

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  17. Dan Randall

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    I don't know if I'll manage any actual modelling for a while, but if I do get any spare time, I hope to crack on with some etching and 3D modelling projects. :)


  18. Old Buffer

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    Finish something!!!
  19. 3 LINK

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    Quite chuffed with what's been achieved this year, once the new windows go in the garage I will make a start on the baseboards. :thumbs: :drool:

    ATB, Martyn.
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  20. Captain Kernow

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    Get Callow Lane to a state where it looks finished....;)