What Projects do you have for 2013?

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Jordan, 24 December 2012.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    As it's been mentioned already somewhere, might as well get the traditional Thread started.....:rolleyes:;)

    So, following on from last year's 2012 Topic, let's update things accordingly.

    My own review/plans....

    My Plans for 2013...
    HO Scale:
    1) Keep going with my HO Loft Layout.
    2) Keep on learning the DCC witchcraft.
    3) Resist buying any more HO locos.:oops: 16, almost all DCC, and 4 DCC/Sound, is quite enough....

    O Scale:
    4) Re-power my "Old Atlas" F-Units with the motors and trucks from my "New Atlas" F-Units (see Post 5 above!!)
    5) Keep my layout "Schiller Point" in good nick for it's Exhibition outing next October.
    6) Work on my US-outline Rolling Stock; some still to have metal wheelsets, repaints, weathering etc.
    7) Buy Dapol 08, then try and save yet again for Heljan Class 31 :rolleyes: , unless Dapol surprise us.....:drool:
    The Class 14 slips back off the list..... ....again.....:oops:

    Over to you.......
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  2. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    1) Finish my 2011 projects....
    2) Do some more on my 2012 projects...
    3) Start a few more projects in 2013 :)
  3. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    On a more serious note.

    1) I plan to learn how to reprofile Heljan wheels to s7 standards on a lathe and then reprofile as many of my Heljans as I can.
    2) Get track down and wired/working on my s7 33 challenge layout. Need to work out a track plan first.
    3) Finish my Bachmann 08 conversion to s7 before I start looking and converting my Bachmann 03.
    4) Just try and finish my existing projects. Polybulkers, HTV, SPV, etc etc quite a list :(
  4. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    For 2013 I shall be finishing some stuff, but starting more. I'll be proceeding in the hope that the joys will far outweigh the frustrations as I'm an optimist. It's a long while since I've said I'll do something before I've actually made tangible progress as I know how easily I change my mind and reorder priorities.
  5. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    I have three JLTRT Mk2 coaches to put together, starting in the new year. They'll make a nice addition to Richard Carr's collection.

    (There's a 1/72nd TSR2 diorama I want to get finished - as light relief from railway engineering! The plane is almost complete, just needs transfers, and I have a bunch of vehicle kits to recreate a still from a film about the type.)

    On a personal front, I really ought to make some progress on my 7mm Fowler 0-6-0T Dock Tank. I got stuck with having to fabricate a complete new boiler and smokebox for it, so I ought to dig it out and try again. Also in 7mm, there's an Ivatt 2-6-2T which Best Beloved started many years ago. I have Laurie Griffin's castings for the motor fittings now, the bunker ladder has disintegrated, and it needs final detailing, painting and lettering.

    I may well dig out the Branchlines 4mm LNWR G2 kit and see if I can rebuild the tender chassis, and make a start on the loco. It'll be to OO FS standards, finished to late 1950s BR. Some other 4mm kits I have in my Gloat Box I may try and sell here if anyone's interested.

    I also have a Classic Commercials Dennis fire appliance I can assemble.
  6. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Well where do i start:confused:

    Projects for 2013......

    Finish....Model Express CCT, Easybuild TSO (interior), Easybuild Bubblecar and Scratchbuilt Tool Van:oops::rolleyes:.

    Hopefully lay some more track in the garden:thumbs:
    Learn more about what is required for Radio Controlled locos etc.:confused:
    Make a final decision as to whether i go with Radio Control with sound or DCC with sound:confused:

    Thats pretty much it:thumbs:

    Oh yeah and buy as much as i can get away with, without getting into tooooo much trouble:))

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  7. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    I would like a summer in 2013 please :rolleyes:.........especially for all the WT outdoor types !

    Not in any particular order......or for that matter any particular year :)) :


    2 RJH Westerns (BFYE & MFYE) to go through the works for various mods & improvements.

    RJH Class 25/1 to do as an early BR(WR) transfer, probably BFYE.

    Steve Beattie Class 22 Baby Warship to complete (BFYE)

    Build a couple of loco's form one Heljan Crompton(GFYE) & one Heljan Hymek body(BFYE).

    Prototype non track powered loco.

    Rolling Stock

    Half a dozen Slaters 6 wheel milk tanks to build.

    MTH ex-LMS full brake (re-spray & weather)

    Westdale Guv to build.

    Ian Kirk Blue Grey Gresley Buffet to build.

    Acquire/build more Blue Grey MK1's

    Finish second Slaters BR ex-LNER brake van.


    The main job hear is to build a station building as the indoor section is now largely complete:) . I would also like to add a few more details around the station area & I will also be providing proper lighting to the indoor section shortly:thumbs: , which will mean I can bore you lot with more pics of this area in action ! :D

    Withercombe Branch

    Nice easy one this........run it, maintain it & improve it ! :)

    New Layout

    We (my son & myself) will make a start on an indoor layout. At present I'm torn between a easily achievable small end to end layout of a BR(WR) depot & yard.......or a more ambitious roundy roundy layout based on a fictional section of dilapidated early 1970's S & D. :confused::)

    That's all folks ! :eek:

    Phill :)
  8. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I refer the honourable gentleman to my 2011 list which bore a more than passing resemblance to my 2012 list.

    More specifically;

    Finish a signal bridge and signal gantry for Heyside.
    Finish the Aspinall saddle tank, Aspinall A, Johnson 1F in time for Aylesbury.
    Try to finish things as opposed to start things.

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  9. marsa69

    marsa69 Western Thunderer

    Still haven't got a 37 nor have I finished the layout electrics. I did save up for a Heljan 31 but that got spent on something else (a PRMRP 31 instead) and as for the brass kit? That's still in the cupboard waiting (but I did get a brand new soldering station :))). I also failed to finish my wagons off and I sold the catfish :( but I have done a lot of research on Bolton Great Moor Street station:D so at least I got something done.

    So for 2013? See 2012 and still save up for a Heljan 31 and possibly a Heljan 40 but I have the RTC Class 950 test train to pay for yet so we'll see,

  10. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    My good lady would like me to finish some of my shelf queens before starting on anything new on the loco front - specifically the A3 and the 06, she would like me to finish the glass wagon too. I must admit it would be nice to clear the decks but........ that doesn't fit with the scattergun WT image:p
  11. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

  12. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    You just need a "boost" to produce an "ace" of a model.... the problem is choosing which! Now, if you lived in Panama, then the problem would be easier - a nice "pacific" on one hand or a nice "atlantic" on the other coast!

    regards, Graham
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  13. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    oh where to start? (starting by finishing would be good)....!

    A JLTRT to make MLTRT...
    A JLTRT BSO to finish it's transformation to a DBSO...
    Two Heljan Mk1's to make MLAMK1 (more like a...well you get the drift)...
    A Scratchbuilt CCT to turn from computer 3D into real D!

    And that's just the 7mm stuff.....

    (p.s. forgot the "save the cash for the 24/1 from JLTRT" one)

  14. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Please Richard, do tell us that DJ features in the third item on your list.... Her Majesty has just about completed her DJ project.

    regards, Graham
  15. 3 LINK

    3 LINK Western Thunderer

    From this : -



    To this : -



    So two walls now plastered and the brother in law ( builder ) reckons he will rip out the garage doors and have the new windows in and all plastered by " the end of THIS year " :rolleyes: . Then for 2013 it's baseboard time :drool: , well once poor Jim and myself can work out what is feasible on Templot :confused: .


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  16. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Surely you meant "NQLTRT to MLTRT"?

    Which kit(s)?

    regards, Graham
  17. Ian G

    Ian G Western Thunderer

    A hand full of projects to finish, and many to start as I have more time now.

    Ian G
  18. Spike

    Spike Active Member

    Not remembering what I said last year - I can start with a clear conscience this time.

    [1] a MMP BG to go with my Cl.37/4;
    [2] a MMP dogfish;
    [3] a MMP Cl.08.

    Seems to be a bit of a common thread to this lot :thumbs: .

    Merry Krimble all, Peter.
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  19. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    My plans for this year are to get at least one day's modelling in, other than my birthday in November. I won't finish anything, but I just want to be doing something....:headbang:

    Good luck to everyone else with your own plans. :thumbs:


  20. Bob Reid

    Bob Reid Western Thunderer

    You have to give them some credit Graham! :)

    It's a BSK....