Prototype Wheels for DMUs

Discussion in 'Coaching stock' started by Dog Star, 8 September 2013.

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    I guess that most of us reckon that we are savvy about the diameter and spokes of wagon wheels... and probably OK with details of coach wheels... and are au-fait with details of the driving wheels for our favourite engines. Fine... or so I thought. I now realise that all of the preceeding knowledge comes to naught when faced with First Generation Diesel Multiple Units - those "Heritage" units which are to be found on many preservation railways.

    So first question... what is the nominal tread diameter of the wheels for powered and non-powered bogies? If it helps, I am interested particularly in wheels for the Derby Class 108.

    Next question... there are 3-hole disc wagon wheels and 2 (or 4) hole disc carriage wheels... how many holes in wheels for DMUs? Again, interested specifically in Cl.108.

    regards, Graham