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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Heather Kay, 16 April 2013.

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    The difference, if there is one, is that most of us have to contend only with our own bubbles... Paul has to suffer bubbles coming over the channel from other like-minded souls, those "foreign" bubbles have a habit of disrupting the orbit of "local" bubbles!!! For example:- building S7 models of LSWR motive power versus bits and bobs for Gresley designs.

    regards, Prof Barking who is worried about a potential bubble bath...
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    It is a while now and I will have to look up the paperwork. I remember that it was LEP who handled it. From Peoria it was put on a train to Canada, then to a ship on the St Lawrence seaway. We flew from Peoria to Chicago to NY and the following day to LHR. About five days later the container was delivered to an airfield at Chessington. The speed amazed me.
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    That explains everything... My Mum had a life long friend who was responsible for the paperwork within LEP circa 1965-1980s and the stories I was told about the impact of computerisation on handling at that time made me :)) everytime.

    Are you sure that you got the correct airframe?

    Are you sure that you got an airplane given that the crate was delivered to Chessington?

    regards, Graham
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    Yes all four airframes present and correct, with identity plates still on them.
    There is a private farm strip at Rushetts Farm, right on the edge of the LHR TMA, so no flying to the North under any circumstances. We could see, and hear, Concorde on approach, or departure from there, magic.
    And a few miles to the South was the LGW zone too, so one had to pay attention to ones position when airborne.
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    ... generally a good idea... :cool:
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    Another aeroplane fan here, although I tend to prefer RAF/Allied WW2 warbirds myself.

    I believe it's pretty much the same as for ships..?

    "Shiny Side Up, and Pointy End Forward"..... ;)

    As per Mickoo's posts , getting a Container into Lowestoft from the seaward side is pretty impressive.:D
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    Well you will like this one then. One that I helped to restore some years back. Mark Hanna flying it on it's second test flight out of Lydd.
    Spitfire V, MK732 ,G-HVDM,11APRIL93,crp.jpg
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    mmmmmm spitty :thumbs:

    Mk IX?

    Jon (who loves the sound of a RR Merlin)
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    I took this pick just over 22 years ago using a Minolta X300 400 asa film, at a distance of about 2 miles with zoom.
    Off Kuwait 1st Gulf war taken from HMS Atherstone, the shell is in the picturenear the top of the picture, big guns never to see there fire again what an impressive sight to remember.

    Ian G

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    Amazing light on that picture Ian.

    Back to mojo - is it true that a bubble can be preserved by submersion in the juice of procrastination? I've heard that if left in too long the bubble may become pickled? What effect does that have?
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    It is true. I have some small bubbles that orbit larger bubbles. Many of those smaller bubbles are pickled, and litter my workshop shelves because I haven't the heart to pop them. I'm not even sure a pickled bubble can burst, come to think of it.

    One day they may be a great reckoning, when all the ancient cast metal kits of indifferent quality may be melted down to become ballast weights. Or landfill.
  12. It becomes wrinkled and irrelevant, and ultimately hard and shrivelled and unwanted.

    Best not to leave it too long!
  13. Or - and I have done this - melted down and re-cast into something more useful. Quite a few of the GER 5 plank wagons on East Lynn were once a rather different shape!
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    Here's another bubble:

    Grounded Body.jpg

    I've been working, rather haphazardly, on a small diorama where I can display and photograph my extensive collection of 4mm scale road vehicles. Inspired by a "Real Atmosphere" photo in an MRJ showing a grounded Pullman coach in use as a greasy spoon caff, I acquired the Ratio grounded body kit and I've been slowly bodging around it ever since. By "bodging" I mean having no real plan at the outset, and just fettling bits and bobs to fit in a freeform manner as the mood takes me. This is by far my favourite form of modelling.

    The latest addition is a front door/porch/cloakroom which I knocked out yesterday. Plastic sheet sub-base, doors and windows from the bits box (an Airfix control tower, I believe) and Eastwell Iron Works corrugated sheet cladding. It needs undercoat and a suitable drab top coat, but it was a satisfying couple of hours between paint drying on coach sides. I'm mulling over an extension to the kitchen end of things. It'd be a bit cramped in the end compartment, I think.

    In other news, three white boxes finally arrived today. It looks like I'll be kicking off another workbench thread soon. :thumbs:
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    Spitfire V, MK732 ,G-HVDM,rear view,Lydd 1993.jpg

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. It is a MkV not a MkIX. Not sure but I think that the rudder had a pointed top by then. As to the sound of a Merlin, I think that just about everyone likes that. Especially more than one.
    Strange how the Griffin does not do for me like the Merlin. Perhaps it is the contra-rotating props that make the difference.
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    Pity we can't hear it too, that would be something.
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    If Heather doesn't mind, here is another aviating bubble. Or, more accurately, a non- aviating bubble.

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    "Sigh for a Merlin", a damn good read... followed closely by "Not much of an Engineer".

    regards, Graham
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    I don't mind. I like to find out about other members' interests. :thumbs:
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    A 16 inch shell every 2 minutes for a week they only stopped to change position, and using one turret a day.

    Ian G