Who makes the best 7mm GWR coach kits now?

Discussion in 'Coaching stock' started by vonmarshall, 22 October 2019.

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    I have decided to start to build some GWR coaches for my planned garden railway. I have about 10 year until my children grow up and I can take back over the part of the garden that is currently filled with a trampline and climbing frame and I have a plan for a lovely long S curve to sit and watch the trains go by.

    I figure this 10 year window gives me the time to build 10-20 coaches! I have spent time on GWR 7mm coach kits and non-passenger-carrying coaching stock ('brown vehicles') but have discovered that Just Like the Real Thing are no more, that Blacksmith Models seem to have disappeared and that Haywood Railway are not answering emails, I feel I may be a bit late to the party!

    I will be modelling mainline express trains from the 30's so wanted a mix of Toplights, Collets and a Dreadnaught or two in 57' and 70'.

    Keen to get any input into what kitmakers are still out there. I have come to terms with the fact that most suppliers seem to have limited online presence so keen to know what I may be missing.
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    Slaters's Plastikard for GWR Dean / Churchward era four wheel and clerestory coaches... difficult to do better if these prototypes tug your (whistle) chain. Thereafter look at CPL for etch bodies, underframes and many of the bits and pieces to complete them.

    Try talking to Laurie Lynch at MM1 Models who has (some of) the rights and moulds for the JLTRT range. My understanding is that he intends to run small batches as and when there is a demand. There are etch and cast GWR bogies available at this time.
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    Haywood do exist, they were at Telford and are listed as attending Reading on December 7th. Another “reticent” kit maker is Orion whom I am trying to chase down. I’ll come back to this thread if I get positive news.

    it’s a shame Malcom Binns never introduced a range of Western coaches, his Sidelines LMS range is excellent.

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    I believe Orion are in the process of 'winding down' - if they haven't already wound down - if this statement proves to be incorrect them I apologise now. Geoff Gill, of Haywood, are very much in existence - again, one of them phone calls might prove better than email (I realise that this is a little old fashioned but strangely, I find that it works...…:thumbs: )
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    If you go to the GWR Showcase website, you can get an email link to Jerry Colbrooke of Orion, but as I posted before, he is not producing the coach kits anymore, and is in the process of selling the range of kits.

    Best regards
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    I may know something more on Orion after November 1st. I'll post any results then.

    Geoff Gill was supposed to email me after Telford with a postage quote to France for a kit. I have been too busy to worry about it but as I now plan to attend Reading Show, I will be in touch with him. I need two non-corridor 3rds and he had one RTR in GWR livery (I model late 1950s WR). I did buy several of his magnetic couplers and they are working really well. I have a 2017 Haywood catalogue from Telford 2018 - lots of GWR kits!

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    CRT do clerestories.
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    I must admit I do find the off-line nature of this hobby quite frustrating! I also build 1/35 models and RC cars and they are all so well served online.

    When you click on the Haywood Railway link on the GoG traders website, all I get is the email address. Shall try to track down the phone number. thanks for the tip. If you do have their number to hand, please PM me with it!

    I was really taken by the JLTRT range so shall contact MM1 to see what their plans are.

    It does seem that the 1930's corridor mainline coaches are now no longer served with full kits. CPL and Worseley both offer sides and ends so I would be looking to scratchbuild from there...

    Makes me rethink switching to O from a planned G1 track. I am blessed to have enough space for either in my garden and maybe I should just bite the bullet and go large!
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    Haywood's do not have a website, their phone number should be on the GOG traders list.

    Edit to post number
    01889 881610
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    Many thanks
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    For anyone who is interested I have talked to MM1 and they are able to offer any of the old GWR range as a one off. They have no plans to fully release them but for £360 you can get the full kit.

    Left a VM for Haywoods so will feedback when I hear from them.
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    Dick at Westdale is still offering coach kits. Yes, they are basic but you can always add components from CPL, Ragstone and others to get them up to scratch.