Workzone (aldi) Airbrush Compressor?

Discussion in 'Techniques' started by MerseyMan, 24 August 2018.

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    For somebody who has only ever used a rattle can, does anyone have any experience on this thing? Workzone Airbrush Compressor . Id love to venture into the black art of weathering and painting with an airbrush's but I wouldn't know where to start with a decent compressor/brush. In the same breath I'm not prepared to spend mega bucks on something I might never take to.
  2. John TAYLOR

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    Hi Mersey

    The Aldi example looks like an AS18-6 compressor like the one I have.


    I`ve been very impressed with mine and is as quiet as my Badger BA1000.
    Both have a moisture trap and pressure gauge so you won`t need an additional airtank version ( there is a dated idea that without an extra resevoir air tank you will get `air pulses when spraying`..... not so I can assure you )

    Depending on your choice of airbrush you might need a threaded adapter to attach the airhose.........


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    Funnily enough, I just dug this out yesterday to start trying some scenic painting and weathering using an airbrush. I got it about eight years ago and it has lain unused till now. :)


    ...which looks just like yours, but with a reservoir tank fitted. I did run it yesterday and today again when I took the picture and it seems to work very well. I've set the regulator to about 20psi and it seems to get up to that quite quickly and then maintain it with the pump stopping and starting when necessary. The only possible problem I noted yesterday was that the motor got quite hot when I first started running it. This could have been that the regulator was set to quite a high pressure and the pump was running continuously for several minutes until I got it adjusted down to 20psi. I've just run the unit for a period and simulated use at 20psi and the motor doesn't get more than just warm.

    I'm not sure how it might run with no tank.

    [Later] Just noticed I've not really shown the regulator and water trap being the same as you show...

    Compressor-02.jpg's set on the end of the tank.

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  4. MerseyMan

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    Thanks guys. I've ordered one so will report back on how it goes. I'm probably being lazy now but is there a quick one stop guide to airbrushing anywhere?
  5. Yorkshire Dave

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    I would have a look at some of the tutorials on YouTube - especially the ones from military modellers - it's just having the time and patience to sort the wheat from the chaff with these.
  6. D816Foxhound

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    Not quite a "quick" guide, but a very good guide are the "Aspects of Modelling" series books by Tim Shackleton.

    1) Weathering Locomotives - ISBN 978 0 7110 3656 7
    2) Weathering Rolling Stock - ISBN 978 0 7110 3758 8
    3) Locomotive Weathering Projects - ISBN 978 0 7110 3813 4

    Books 1) & 2) have a chapter on equipment which includes compressors and airbrushes.
    Cost:- less than £13 each on-line and well worth it in my opinion.

    I see the Kit includes compressor and airbrush all for £64.99!! A good point that Tim Shackleton makes is NOT to buy the
    cheapest equipment that you can find. Poor performing equipment may give you an unpleasant experience and put you off
    using an airbrush altogether.

    I used my airbrush quite a lot this summer before the weather got really hot, and now I couldn't go back to a spray can - you just don't have the
    control or quality of finish that you can achieve with an airbrush.