WT and 7mm in the Newcastle Area?

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Dog Star, 24 May 2012.

  1. Dog Star

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    A current member of the Basingstoke Model Railway Society is moving to Shiremoor in the middle of June... our loss etc.. The gentleman concerned is a 4mm and 7mm modeller with a strong interest in the LNER and railways of the North East (at the expense of a diminishing interest in SRand BR(SR)). The question of this forum....

    What model railway clubs are to be found in the Newcastle Area?

    Which clubs have a 7mm interest?

    thank you, Graham
  2. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Since posting the above, I understand that departing member of the Basingstoke Club has joined the Western Thunder forum... welcome Caggers!

    best wishes for your future up't North.

    regards, Graham
  3. 7mmMick

    7mmMick Western Thunderer

    Hi Graham,

    Did your mate have any success at all as I'm looking for a similar thing and I too have similar interest. It may end up being a new club with two members !

    ATB Mick
  4. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    No response as far as I know... try a PM to Caggers on this forum (real name is Simon Caygill, recent secretary of the Basingstoke MRS). You might even gain a S7 convert.... especially as Simon knows about track laying as he has been helping me in the past couple of months.

    regards, Graham
  5. Caggers

    Caggers Western Thunderer

    Hi Graham, yes I am finally here!!!

    As to the move, I start on Monday 18th in Shiremoor but in the short term will be living in Darlington so may visit the club there. As to the longer term 7mmMick where are you based?

    Regards Simon
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  6. 7mmMick

    7mmMick Western Thunderer


    PM sent

    Cheers Mick
  7. Caggers

    Caggers Western Thunderer


    Thanks for the PM and sorry for the delay in reading it, I'm currently between homes and computers...

  8. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    And what about that mobile device of yours? Others here and there (RMWeb.. 7mm Group... you choose) seem to have bits of software on their mobiles for posting to the 'net.

    regards, Graham

    BTW - Hope that we will see you on 22nd Sept. for the Club Cake Cutting event (not yet a recognised Olympic sport, we are practising in advance of the announcement).
  9. Rob Pulham

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    Hi Simon, sorry I am a bit late replying to this.
    I have not been to the club but I know a few of the members of the Cleveland Model Railway club based in Skelton just outside Guisborough (I am a part time resident of those parts). A couple of the members have 7mm scale layouts - Marske and Assenby St Peters.
    They are holding and exhibition on 4th/5th of August at Redcar & Cleveland College at Redcar
  10. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    You see Simon, resistance to 7mm is futile. On the other hand, resistance to Blue is a life-long sport ;)
  11. lancer1027

    lancer1027 Western Thunderer

    Or maybe thats also futile;):))
  12. Caggers

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    I have finally found some where to visit weekly...

    The Blythe and Tyne Model Railway Society meet about 3 miles from my new home in North Shields. They have a floor above a smallish supermarket which gives about 10,000 sq mtr of floor space. This obviously allows a number of layouts 16 to 20 I think to be assenmbeled and running at anyone time. They model in many gauges including 7mm where they have an oval layout about 20' by 12' as well as other 7mm layouts in a more end to end format...

    As you might expect they also have one or two 4mm layouts and are currently sorting the track on a new 4mm DCC layout, although this is blue diesel era rather than Steam...

    So there appears to be lots to get involved with... The 7mm layouts are connected to the NEGOM which meets here.

    Anyone on here already a member???

  13. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    I have been talking to Simon ("Caggers") this evening... Club Secretaries might resign and move up't north - they just do not get away.! We have been talking about making that first and important step... with some questions to be answered:-

    * Peco or handbuilt?
    * 0 gauge or S7?

    Simon has joined a club which has an active 32mm gauge interest and possibly a disguised interest in S7. As far as I know, 7mm Mick and Rob Pulham are the furthest north WTers... willing to be corrected on this point.

    Any S7 modellers here who admit to living north of Doncaster?

    regards, Graham
  14. Rob Pulham

    Rob Pulham Western Thunderer

    Not since I traded in those S7 axles at Bolton:p
  15. 7mmMick

    7mmMick Western Thunderer

    The only other one I know if is LNER JP and he's quite a way north of Doncaster where as I'm only a bit north !!

    ATB Mick
  16. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Ah yes, might not be a problem. Simon is way up't north in Newcastle Brown territory.
  17. 7mmMick

    7mmMick Western Thunderer

    So are we starting up the first Northern S7 Club, I'm game if anyone else is ?
  18. iploffy

    iploffy OC Blue Brigade

    Did you say S club 7
  19. Caggers

    Caggers Western Thunderer

    Yep way WAY up't north, I work with Geordies and have a Scotsman as a supplier so you can imagine putting them in the same room...

    As Graham stated I moved from Sourthern region back to the home of railways, and have joined a club with a LARGE club hut 10,000 sq/ft. so lots of choice, but also limiting as some layouts are member owned and therefore off limits.

    t' Dog' started me on t' slippery slope to 7mm 'fore t' move, but t' forum here have yet to help me make the final decision as to what 7mm gauge. I have some shelf queens, one of which I did start, but the space b'tween t' wheels reared it's ugly head again... so back to 4mm at the moment and DCC which is what I will be using on the bigger toys stuff...

    I remember tellin' t' Dog' I had no interest in building PW, but still got sucked in GRRRRRR...

    So I sit at t' back readin' t' comics with feet on table, waiting for devine inspiration, or some juice an' cake (we can't afford bread up here).
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  20. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    If it helps, I can make a couple of turnouts for you.. probably to the broader gauge just to keep 7mmMick happy.