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  1. 28ten

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    I have got a new domain for this site http://www.westernthunder.co.ukand I will be migrating the forum later this week (assuming everything is working!), in the meantime please feel free to look about and test the forum http://www.westernthunder.co.uk/forum/. as you can see I have done a transfer and locked the threads for the time being as it could get a little complicated otherwise :D all the user data has been transfered and you should be able to log on as normal and test the migration forum http://www.westernthunder.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=5.
    You will also see there is website taking shape, i see this as a 'portfolio of work' rather than a blog, as i dont think blogs work for build threads, feedback,chat etc. What I would really like, is to feature work from all of us (and any new members) and what I am looking for is a few photos and a paragraph or so to explain what you have been doing. Note- there is a layout section (some nice garden shots would be good :lol:) At the moment it only features my stuff and some of Dans western (which I am going to transfer bit by bit). Dont worry, I will do all the geeky stuff :ugeek: formating and post it, so all I am after is some words and photos, i can take these in any format.
    Any comments or ideas most welcome :D
  2. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    Sounds like some great developments :D , I will be happy to add some content & look forward to other members input too :D
    It would perhaps be nice to have a prototype area so we can alert each over to events of interest & so Jordan doesn't book his jollies when the Westerns are coming out to play :lol: & perhaps a media area so we don't miss magazine articles & books of interest :)
    But generally keep up the good work.......I think things are progressing quite nicely without me sticking my nose in :oops: :roll: :lol:

    Thanks ;)

    Phill :D
  3. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Thanks Phill. I had been thinking about a prototype section, at the moment I am a two minds about any more sections as we could be spreading ourselves a bit thinly :D but I take your point about events etc, maybe a combined 'Events and media' section ? I would like to say I have a plan but I dont :lol: :lol:
  4. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    Yes that's a very good point, I agree too many sections can just over complicate things :)
  5. 28ten

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    I should have said anything on the garden would be great :D I know you have a couple of cracking shots that really capture what its all about
  6. Jordan

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    :shock: oooh, now, let me see... where have we seen that happen..??? :roll: :p

    Yes, an Events Section would be good... thanks for rubbin' it in, Phill... :roll: :oops: :lol:
  7. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    I have to say that in my experience in IT management, simple is best. 90% of users just want something that works and is easy to understand. Software developers keep adding 'essential' features, that the majority of users do not understand or need. MS office is a good case, IMHO all the everyday functions are in office 97 and all the subsequent versions just cloud the issue with additional capability. Oops im on another soap box :lol:
    Hopefully I will do a transfer on Friday or Saturday, and put a forwarding page up here to direct anybody to the new location.
  8. lancer1027

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    I agree, keep it simple but informative,then everyones got a chance of understanding whats going on and can add to it :D . I am one of the most computer illiterate people ever to roam the planet , i know my kids keep telling me :roll: :lol: . So the simpler the better
  9. 28ten

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    I have made the transition without too many problems. There is much more storage - 20gb which means there is no need to skimp on pictures :D
    I have also added a few extra smilies for your entertainment
    :pictures: :rant: :wave: :shit: :scratch: :bowdown: :drool: :headbang: :thumbs:
    if there any you would like me to add let me know