7mm Yorkshire Dave's Küchentisch - Neu Speilzeug

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Yorkshire Dave, 30 May 2016.

  1. jonte

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    Remarkable, Dave.

  2. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Thanks Jonte

    I just wanted to get away from the 'pristine' buildings, add detail not often seen and create something more appropriate to the late 1960's

    As yet I don't have a layout to use this building but the O scale Dapol LT pannier may kick start a London Transport based layout. I keep looking at the Leslie Green style station buildings with the oxblood glazed bricks - which is definitely a scratchbuild job.
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  4. BrushType4

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    You’ve done a cracking job there. As for the station building, watch this space. ;)
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  5. Oz7mm

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    Love it Dave. The Love Lane won't be that battered.

    We have had some Ogee gutters cast for our buildings. They would Have looked good on here - apologies for mentioning earlier.

  6. Yorkshire Dave

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    Well, here it is. The completed model (apart from the scenery around the base which will come later).

    Bothy 51.jpg

    Some gutter detail Bothy 52.jpg

    Rear gutter Bothy 53.jpg

    Bothy 55.jpg

    Bothy 54.jpg

    Broken chimney pot debris Bothy 57.jpg

    And on the stack Bothy 58.jpg
  7. BrushType4

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    True scale? If so how do I order?
  8. BrushType4

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  9. Osgood

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    Wow - gulp.
    I like the rough texture of the slates but cannot think what material you might have used - or is it achieved by lead pencil effect?

  10. SimonT

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    a buddleia growing out of a crack? The ridge tiles are very effective.
  11. simond

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    Fabulous. A standard to which to aspire.

  12. D816Foxhound

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    Just amazing!

  13. Yorkshire Dave

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    The slates are those provided in the kit and they are cut from Daler-Rowney slate coloured pastel card.

    After sticking the strips to the roof I then hit them with a scalpel handle and other assorted small blunt instruments to add at bit more relief as in reality slate doesn't cleave smoothly. However it appears smooth from distance. After this they were painted/washed with a mixture of grey/blue acrylic paint.

    Once dry I they lightly drybrushed the slates with a blue and buff colour.
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  14. Yorkshire Dave

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    Ridge tiles - good of you to say so - I was trying to simulate lead flashing as it was lightly drybrushed with gunmetal.

    I noticed this on some buildings around Old St when I was working there a couple of weeks ago - the advantage of working in a 8th floor office. I was able to study the slate roofs on some of the lower buildings and notice some had lead flashing ridges which were lighter in colour than the slate.

    Lead flashing although it oxidises, as my neighbour pointed out, can leech and it's this (as a poison) which reduces the chances of lichens and mosses growing.
  15. Yorkshire Dave

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    And finally... thank you for the interest and comments.

    As they say.... watch this space - there are a couple more structures on their way ;).
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  16. jonte

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    Your neighbour obviously hasn’t visited Merseyside, Dave. Either that or the vegetation has mutated ;)

    Fabulous attention to detail.

    Well done,

  17. simond

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    It’s not only the vegetation...

    (An ex resident of the one-eyed city)

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  18. Threadmark: New toy
    Yorkshire Dave

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    Spent the weekend down in Bristol and PX'd all my Olympus OM 35mm gear (3 cameras and assorted lenses) for two Fuji lenses to go with the recently acquired Fuji XPro-1 camera courtesy of Steph D.

    The following day we winged a trip so see how far west we could get and have a reasonable day so we ended up in Kingswear. The final leg by steam train from Paignton hauled by some blue GW thingy called Ted II.

    However the best was this one - a pannier tank in true colours entering Kingswear (it's a shame they polished the safety valve casing brass instead of leaving it LT maroon :rolleyes:. Added to which they should have retained the LT duty number brackets on the smokebox door and tripcock gear).


    Naval College
    Dartmouth Naval College.jpg

    PS Kingswear Castle
    PS Kingswear Castle.jpg

    Anyway it was a lazy day with the Kingswear beer festival, a pub lunch accompanied by some live Jazz, a trip across to Dartmouth on the ferry and testing the new toy and it's lenses.

    Aye-up - even saw t'Northern Belly Belle charter train from Cardiff t'Par.
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