7mm Yorky D's LT - Interlude

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    I’ve seen YouTube video of Swiss heritage steam and the crew had white shirts and smart waistcoats of the type you would wear to a wedding! Even at the end of the run, the crew were still virtually pristine. I don’t know how they managed it, as being Switzerland there were long climbs with rack sections that required a lot of coal shovelling.
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    One must assume Swiss steam engine cabs must laboratory clean!
  3. Paul Cambridge

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    Certainly the cab in the video was spotless, one could have eaten your lunch off the cab fittings. Never got to see the floor though!
  4. Oz7mm

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    Did you ever source suitable buffers for the brake van?

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    Yorkshire Dave

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    I did source some buffers at Reading.... LMS loco standard round head (but not 17th century though!) as they have the all important step plate. They have a whitemetal body, are sprung and have and turned steel heads.

    They were cleaned, painted, heads blackened and installed today.
    BV 08.jpg

    In addition to the buffers the W irons, axle boxes, brake shoes, wheels and couplers were installed. The brake rods and and associated gubbins are yet to be added along with the verandah safety rails/bars. BV 09.jpg

    The three oiks or troublesome trucks (i.e. the Met ballast wagons) have been consigned to the back of the class whilst the brake van provides a respite......
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    A further vote for NMRS parts, and Graham’s customer friendly attitude.

    No connection, just a happy punter
    Season’s thingy
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    Thanks Dave.

    I hope I can make as good a job of it as you have

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    Couldn't agree more about Graham's helpful attitude, even when he can't supply what you need at that moment!

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    Yorkshire Dave

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    Here it it - eventually - virtually complete as it requires the tare weight decals.

    The brake gear has been fitted and I made up some new safety rails as the ones supplied are all in the raised closed position. The new ones were made from 0.5mm brass wire and some Weinert handrail knobs left over from the HO days.

    On my model only one safety rail is raised and the remaining three are in the dropped open position.

    BV 10.jpg

    BV 12.jpg
    BV 13.jpg
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  10. Arun

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    I did one one of these some years ago from one of Jim McGeown's 7mm kits as I needed something to act as a match wagon to take my 7mm "R" stock to Booth's knackers yard in Rotherham.

    IMG_7727.JPG IMG_7728.JPG You'll notice that one end has a Ward-type coupler and air hoses and therefore doesn't need buffers. The buffers that are on the other end are dumb LW castings made from measurements of the real things. The former corner holes on the Ward coupler end are prototypical. At the time, the decals and conversion ironmongery were marketed through Radley Models.
    Whilst all the masters for the 7mm R49 DM and NDM cars were done, the kits were never produced as the LT road service vehicle fleet had priority.
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  11. Yorkshire Dave

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    That's nice Arun.

    Will the R49 stock ever be produced in 7mm?
  12. Big Train James

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    The best part is you can run it with your Cotton Belt stock and it will look 100% in place :confused::p .
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  13. Arun

    Arun Western Thunderer

    The masters have been done for the bodies, cabs and trailing ends as well as bogies and all the bits underneath, seats etc., I suspect that it wouldn't be viable however as a resin bodied model. When I get some time, I may well modify the body designs to be formed from N-S etches with resin cab and trailing end together with the large variety of underframe boxes also in resin. I can see that a N-S body shell with the lower flared section being a stick on resin casting would make it very simple to build.
    That way it may appeal to a wider range of folk.
    Just to whet your appetite, this is the R49 cab master:
    R49_DM cab.jpg
    It is an Envisiontec master made in the ceramic type hi-res material they use. It's been sitting in a lightproof box for several years but has suffered a bit from "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"
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  14. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I did use SP daylight red for the ends...:)
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    Yorkshire Dave

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    ....as usual - building kits back to front.

    One of the bodies now painted with Halfords Etch Primer from a rattle can.

    LONDON TRANSPORT is a 4mm decal and BW.62 is a 7mm decal from Radley. Chassis needs finishing plus the other pair of wagons.

    Met 6T ballast 16.jpg
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    As the header implies progress is starting to fall into the geologic time zone as it is the thought of the work required to complete the chassis for these trucks. Namely the axleboxes and springs....

    ......and whilst delaying the inevitable, a second body (BW.81) has been painted and lettered. Buffers have also been added - and the self contained buffers are correct for these 1866 - 1882 built vehicles.
    Met 6T ballast 17.jpg

    Debris has been added to the interiors.
    Met 6T ballast 18.jpg

    One has also since received some couplers which require blackening. Met 6T ballast 20.jpg
  17. Yorkshire Dave

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    The Blue Peter tradition carried on - but without the sticky back plastic.....:eek:

    Tonight I made a mock up of a Adams, Holden and Pearson style station building based on the octagonal design at Bounds Green.

    bounds green.jpg

    It is near enough to scale based on counting brick courses. The mock up is made from foamboard just to give a sense of the size which works out about 28cm square footprint without the kiosks on either side.

    On my model I propose to have the station sign on the outer edge of the canopy rather than on the frieze under the canopy and as mine will be a surface line station the ventilation tower will be absent.

    Rawlinson End 01.jpg
    Rawlinson End 02.jpg
    Rawlinson End 03.jpg

    Other station buildings for designs I've been looking at are Alperton and Ruislip Manor (again from the Adams, Holden, Pearson and Heaps design house) and the odd one out - North Harrow.
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  18. AJC

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    I spend my working life in a Holden building (Senate House) and - in between film crews - it's a delight. Never thought of modelling one of them though. Is there a layout scheme that this is set within yet?

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  19. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Sort of - it's a design in progress.

    The idea is to have an island station platform at high level with awnings similar to Dollis Hill (both photos taken from t'interweb to illustrate)


    The building will be at road level and there will be a bridge and supports similar to Ruislip Manor.

    However, space may dictate otherwise....
  20. mickoo

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    Ha, since when has space or the lack of, ever inhibited layout design, especially mentally :p

    Just bouncing around the edges of my 'trainset' and found I was short a couple of acres :cool:

    I like the high level idea but wondering how you'll make a scenery break at each end, have you considered a more urban location with the track below street level, mind that won't show much of the trains and they are supposed to be the queens of the show so to speak.

    I've always fancied something along the lines of Stratford or Queens park, more Queens park as it has bridges for scenic breaks, both have nice gradients or elevation changes to spice things up. A simple two island set up with LT in the middle diving up and down into tunnels and main line on the outside