7mm Yorky D's LT - Met Bo-Bo drawings

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    I remember that article well - it was one of the very few of the time where a model railway enthusiast demonstrated that some - just some - modellers had a well developed sense of humour. As I remember it, and I don't have it available, there were actually no perspex panels mentioned which rather gave the lye to the "story". But April 1st it certainly was.

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    Mudhen is already looking at getting a couple of 309 driving coaches to be included in a train on delivery when new.

    I don't think we can get all this on a layout which, I remind you, only has 5 turnouts.

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    Hi YD Ive come across a Feb 1958 photo showing two R stock cabs at Upminster.The "silver"cab sports a pair of DMU type whiskers.The image is on John Turners London Transport album on Flickr.Don't recall seeing any myself but maybe they were more common than i imagine? Respects etc etc BW
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    BW, according to Piers Connor and the LURS, the "Speed whiskers" were on all "silver" R stock trains from 1953 to 1962, the last unit finally losing it at overhaul in 1965.

    The whisker was a later variation of a previously continuous red waistband applied only to R49 and R59 aluminium cars. The majority of R stock driving cars were conversions of steel bodied Q38 trailers, so had remained painted in all-over red finish, but this had apparently led to cases of confusion, where staff had attempted to couple new R to completely incompatible O and P stock!

    The stripes and vees were added when all the red cars were eventually repainted to the slightly more uniform silver!

    Very faint traces can still be seen on the LT Museum's preserved aluminium car at Acton.

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    That must be this one: 08/02/1958 - Upminster.

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    Yes thats it Adam......and thanks PI for the comprehensive answer.Heres another question re the same album...im guessing thats a Shoe Beam x 2 shoes on L31 0-6-0 at Lillie Road?..................Brian W
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    That's easy - the formation will be Q23-Q27-Q38-Q27 (G-K-O-K) works out at around 1428mm in length (just shy of 4' 8 1/2'').
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    They will be conductor rail de-icing brushes with tripcock gear hidden among them. The de-icing brushes were was also fitted to some of the pannier tanks.

    Tripcocks were mandatory as it was and still is part of the LT signalling system. Even today the Chiltern Line units which run from Aylesbury to Marylebone via Harrow are tripcock fitted for the Met between Amersham and Harrow.
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    When the Bakerloo ran to Watford Junction the stock was also stored overnight at Croxley Green car sheds - the subject of one your acquired photograph collections.
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    Those brushes go back a long way - see this pre LT shot from my District book jacket reference files (cannot remember what website it came from now? - hopefully the usual copyright disclaimers apply?)


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    Always satisfying getting knowledgeable answers to questions and interesting pictures too .Cheers
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    I didn't know that! As far as I can see none of my photos show Bakerloo stock, but I'll take another look.

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    I couldn't see any in your photos but photographic evidence does exist of Bakerloo stock at Croxley Green. This is from the Disused Staions website.

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    That is magnificent.. I wonder if drawings are available ;)

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    I think the Beyer Peacock drawings are in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

    The District Railway had the equivalent of the Met A class.

    YA1966 24MS000 1 3 9560.jpg

    YA1966 24MS000 1 3 11879.jpg
    YA1966 24MS000 1 3 15403.jpg YA1966 24MS000 1 3 24308.jpg

    YA1966 24MS000 1 3 28656.jpg

    There are some in here.
    Met A 01.jpg
    Met A 02.jpg
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    Regrettably I can't show you - I have problems with the PC at the moment and it won't attach the photo - but there is one of the sheds full of ex-LNWR units and one 1938 stock train.

    I'll try to put it up later.

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    Many thanks sir !
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    Mention of the LNWR and Met tanks (Beyer Peacock) in the same thread; here is a surprise that I discovered when researching for the book:

    Didn't know that the North Western had some of those tanks as well?! They mucked about with them a bit - but their origins are clear to see...

    2f2 LNWR Beyer Peacock a609eb575733f609b2acbbac907010ed.jpg 2f2b lnwr3072-L ramsbottom metropolitan tank.jpg 11_lnwr_''Brown Train'' carriages.jpg

    The last pic is of the "Brown Train", a LNWR stock built specifically for a Willesden to Mansion House joint service with the District Railway.

    Hence the met type locos - they worked the trains through the tunnels from Earl's Court.

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    Beyer Peacock made a few bob out of this design. The Midland and LSWR also had versions of it. New South Wales railways had a tender version some of which they later converted to tanks with a remarkably Metropolitan look.

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    Not to mention that several of these machines were - once displaced from London - ended up with the Cambrian (no strangers to Beyer Peacock products, I think some of those ended up as tender engines too), the West Somerset Mineral Railway and various collieries in the north east. The BP house style - with that distinctive front end and short wheelbase bogie - ended up on all kinds of things worldwide.

    I wasn't familiar with the LNWR mucking a about before though. The first in particular looks quite involved!