7mm Yorky D's LT - Met Bo-Bo drawings

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    The second post in your errr post is apparently very rare now. Roger Wright was particularly upset when a punter reversed into his up at North Weald and broke it in half..

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    May I ask what concoction you used to soften and remove the scale 30mm thick coat of red paint, Dave?

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    Hi Tony

    After reducing the bus into it's components I used this on the metal lower and upper decks. I poured about 3/4 into a tub and left the parts there to soak. It is a thick liquid and is normally painted on.

    RT 4751 18.jpg

    As for the clear plastic components around the cab and rear platform I cut the glazing out and intend to use these as masters for casting in whitemetal. The black part will be remade as the display panel is the wrong size and shape as it should be smaller rectangular and with square corners.
    RT 4751 19.jpg
    RT 4751 20.jpg

    I'll also be making a pattern each for the left and right front facing seating to incorporate the slight backward arch and handrail on the seat back as shown in Pete's illustration posted earlier and repeated below.
    moqC22 ''let the stormy clouds chase'' 05-07.jpg
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    I didn't realise this style of concrete LT bus stop posts were rare. I know there's couple lying on their side in the LT Museum at Acton....;)
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    You're correct, Dave. I seem to remember that they are poking out from under the "Diddler Trolleybus"

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    Yes, the concrete posts are very rare, TfL replaced most of them with the new aluminium ones some time back now. You can still catch them outside the London Boroughs where the local county councils haven't replaced them. I saw one recently near Chigwell Row and was very surprised to see it complete with coloured cap, which did look green in the speeding gloom.

    Interested to hear about the country/Green Line bus colour debate, I bet the LTM must have further documentation?

    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, after my Dad's Green Line days he worked from Bow Garage on the 25s for a year, then much later on the 86s when they were transferred to Romford after the closure of Seven Kings. I can confirm none of the characters described resembles my Dad which is a relief!! I might ask him if he remembers them though...

    Anyway, great modelling!

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    With legs like those, I would think that the driver would stop without the sign!
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    I wouldn't worry about this Tony. I for one enjoy these anecdotes as they give an insight into operations at ground level.
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    Yorkshire Dave

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    These are the first stages of making patterns for the left and right forward facing seats, here alongside the moulded seats from the model.

    They are made up from 0.8 mm brass rod and scrap brass and nickel silver. The upholstery will be made up from either plasticard or chemical metal carved to shape.

    RT 4751 21.jpg
    RT 4751 22.jpg
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    Oops Dave, I'm just too slow to keep up with developments!

    I had finally got round to sorting some of my drawings of the seats - but you are there now...!

    Will still put them up though - just in case you would like to check anything...??

    rt 1-16th scale - 1980 092b.jpg rt 1-16th scale - 1980 094.jpg rt 1-16th scale - 1980 095.jpg rt 1-16th scale - 1980 045.jpg

    Hope these help?

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    Here are a couple more details - I had a bit of trouble resizing an image for inclusion, but it seems to be sorted now?!

    rt 1-16th scale - 1980 092.jpg

    One of the few things that Hachette got completely wrong was doing a perfectly scale representation of a "Pre-war" RT rear offside bulkhead and conductor's panel - for an RT8 model!


    Should be more like this:

    rt 1-16th scale - 1980 062.jpg rt27.JPG

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    Thanks for the seat information Pete. The dimensions have confirmed my Mk 1 eybeball approach - serendipity rides again :).

    I've made up the seat backs and seats from plasticard which were filed and sanded to shape.

    The seat on the left has had the moquette decal applied with the edges and metalwork painted. Again this is temporary and will be cleaned prior to making the mould. Again cruel enlargements about four times the size.

    RT 4751 23.jpg
    RT 4751 24.jpg
    RT 4751 25.jpg
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    YD___________Wots Chemical Metal?Ive never heard the term before ref Post89.____________and is the RT platform in Peter Insoles post a project or painting coz im b-gg-r-d if i can tell the difference _________________Respects BW
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    Hi 2-Bil

    This is the stuff - a two part mix.

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    Super seats Dave, and yep 2-Bil, 'tis yet another one of those projects wot seemed like a good idea, started out small, got bigger and bigger, and was sadly never finished...!

    That was an awful long time ago, back in the days when Humbrol produced their railway colour range. Indeed, satin HR142; (Southern Railway Wagon Brown I seem to remember?) was an astoundingly perfect comparison with samples of the LT bus interior shade!

    I must have tried my own mix at some point because in amongst my drawings I have found a note stating;

    "Matt 160 + Satin 133 (HR 142)"

    Might be worth trying to find the proportions for that one while I have got the paints out for Love Lane tomorrow?

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  16. Yorkshire Dave

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    Thanks Pete

    And I think new upper and lower deck floors are in order. There's still the upper rear seat and lower longitudinal seat patterns to make....
    ...... just in case I decide to do another RT - PB (Potters Bar) based for red route 84 :oops: :confused:

    This is turning out to be an interesting project as it's testing all my modelling skills.
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    It is almost a shame that new floors will be required, as Hachette did a reasonable job with the gangway slat detail! Filling all those great big holes left after removing the moulded mounds would be a nightmare though?!

    Anyway, I had a rummage and found one original, part used 1980 tin of HR142 - and it is still perfectly alive...!!!


    I had promised, and still think it would be a good idea to try and create a mixed match.

    Trying to keep the mix down to only two colours was not entirely successful, and the nearest I could get was still a tiny smidge on the red side!

    Four parts Satin 133 Brown to one (small) part Matt 33 Black is quite close though!

    SAM_7882.JPG SAM_7883.JPG

    I've no idea how M160 crept into the notes - that was a complete red herring...!

    Now I know that the lower halves of the RT window shrouds should be neat Humbrol Matt 76 "Uniform Green" and the lower front bulkheads and rear wheel arch/seat riser panels were originally plain linoleum; Matt 62 "Leather" - a little dulled maybe to taste is a jolly good match!

    Now tell me that amongst the aforementioned only black is available in the shops now?!

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    As is so often the case with your photos there is more to interest than the intended subject. So what is the story behind "case 29348"?
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    Is the Gibson ticket machine still inside the case?
  20. Yorkshire Dave

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    It was the initial though of filling the holes :confused:. This may well be the case as the seating units have the locator holes for the pins on the body castings.