7mm Yorky D's LT - Met Bo-Bo drawings

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  1. Peter Insole

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    The much prized Gibson is indeed inside! And I could tell a story about that too...!

    Incidentally, I noted that those three central pins that are removed from the model when dismantling are loose and actually serve no useful purpose whatsoever! I can only assume that their original function was to guide the parts together during factory assembly, and should have been removed before the last part was installed??

    What I'm saying is that you don't need to put them back - and there's no need to make extra holes down the middle of your new floors!

    Those great ugly screw stems intruding into the interiors at the rear corners were also a result of moulding limitations!

    Although I suspect that it would be one hell of job to grind them out - I must admit that I would be sorely tempted to have a go... especially those that obtrusively poke through long seats in the lower saloon...?!

    Dave, what does it feel like being a guinea pig - er, sorry, I meant trail blazer?!

  2. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I've just been looking at these and have an idea for both the upper and lower saloon rear mounting points...... as they say - watch this space. I'm probably one of the many who don't have a fully equipped machine shop.

    Just cannot get off the London Eye - err large hamster wheel :) - to trail blaze. In fact detailing (rebuilding more like) the RT to bring it up to a reasonable standard is a new challenge in some ways as you're working with two incompatible media (zinc alloy and plastic) which have already been cast into shape. One thing I've never tried though is soldering die cast zinc alloy.

    Although you can buy an O scale LT pannier for £200 I would suspect an O scale RT made to the same standard would be a similar price and probably not sell in the same quantities.
  3. Peter Insole

    Peter Insole Western Thunderer

    Sorry Dave, I was getting a bit carried away with my enthusiasm for this one...?

    I shall indeed continue to eagerly watch this space!

  4. Yorkshire Dave

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    Nothing to be sorry about Pete.

    I'm just as enthusiastic - it was this photo I found on the t'interweb which started it. This is outside Tring garage and must have been taken in 1968-69 as the LONDON TRANSPORT roundel is present on the garage offices. I suspect it was a crew change as the conductor is carrying a Gibson ticket machine box with his cap perched on it. The bus stop E plates are for routes 301, 387, 706 and United Counties 61. The bus stop visible in the background above the conductor's head was the alighting point for northbound services terminating at Tring garage.


    Anyway continuing with the RT story I have managed to remove most of the rear lower saloon mounting points.

    Firstly I mixed up some Super Steel and applied this around the part of the mounting point I wished to retain just to beef it up a bit. Then it took two nights with slitting discs and grinders in the old Dremel. The near side post is a bit easier as you can get a slitting disc in the rear door. The Offside post is less accessible and I cut as many slots as I could into the post then ground out the remaining pieces. There are two 10mm stubs left which are just below the longitudinal seat height.


    Due to the way the lower saloon floor is installed the longitudinal seat backs will have to be fixed to the body. Here are some photos of the current state of play. The upper saloon rear mounting posts are going to take a bit more thinking about.

    Offside RT 4751 26.jpg

    RT 4751 27.jpg

    The result
    RT 4751 28.jpg
  5. Peter Insole

    Peter Insole Western Thunderer

    Aha! you've only gone and done it Dave!!

    Result indeed!

    That is just what I was thinking - but was much too afraid to actually do!

    The thought of poking in there amongst all that unknown metal with whizzing discs and grinding wheels, potentially wrecking an otherwise super model terrified the living daylights out of me!

    I fully appreciate how long it took to do too, although I am absolutely sure that the effort is fully justified?!

    At least the upper deck ones are perhaps not quite so obtrusive, but they would still be bugging me too!

    You are doing a fantastic job - and following your lead, I am now beginning to look forward to tackling the cupboard queens back here!!

    Hmm...? (thinks)...

    There were those 'andsome Green Line jobs, with their delightful cast bullseyes 'tween decks, and yellow blinds 721 to Aldgate...

    But then again; what about a nice 7RT10, (roofbox) RTL on the 25 maybe...??

    Oooooooh - stoppit!

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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Shades of Kenneth Williams - Stop messing about!

    I know - there are loads to choose from - as I alluded to earlier I think a red RT is on the cards now. Was route 84 but might now be 142 or 258 ??

    Having removed most of the lower saloon mounting columns naturally the upper saloon really needed attention so I went to my local independent hardware store and purchased these for use in the minidrill (which has a flexible drive). They are milling cutters which I used (with some tapping fluid provided by my neighbour) to grind out the upper parts of the upper saloon mounting columns. Initially a daunting process but became easier when I worked out the best way to hold the device to efficiently remove the material.

    RT 4751 29.jpg

    This is the result, not pretty by any standard as I have to tidy up some tiny nicks. Again about 10mm is left. RT 4751 30.jpg
    RT 4751 31.jpg

    And the visual improvement RT 4751 32.jpg
    RT 4751 33.jpg
    RT 4751 34.jpg

    I also removed the top part of the front upper saloon mounting columns to eliminate the slight hump when viewed from the front. RT 4751 35.jpg

    RT 4751 37.jpg

    Hopefully this should be the end of the 'heavy engineering'......
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  7. Peter Insole

    Peter Insole Western Thunderer

    Super job!

    Many thanks again for the tool tip...!

    I'm not quite sure how to spell a Sid James laugh though?

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    Dear old Sid James. H-ha-haaa!


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    Yorkshire Dave

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    Now moving onto some of the smaller details......:eek:

    I've made up a pair of LT 'ears' or indicators as later fitted to RTs, RF buses and early Green Line coaches (the 'modified' Green Line coaches with the light green waist stripe had a different style fitted), RMs etc.

    The indicators were made up from brass tube. rod and scrap nickel silver etch. The orange surround is car head/rear light repair tape stuck onto the indicator and the inside removed to represent the frame.

    I have not made the cantrail fitting bracket as these 'ears' can then be used on different buses. The bracket will be made up separately as part of the rebuild.

    Then onto the rear, again car head/rear light repair tape (double layer this time) was used to make up the left indicator arrow panel and the blanking plate over the left arrow of the double arrow indicator originally fitted to the RTs.

    RT 4751 38.jpg
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  10. 2-Bil

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    YD---and others______Got any E plates? might pay you to have a rummage---one for route 717 sold yesterday --------£2,2oo Hammer price---------enjoying the build,info and photos-----Respects BW
  11. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I've also noticed the Green Line E plates are starting to command high prices. Unfortunately mine are for routes 706 and 712/713.
  12. 2-Bil

    2-Bil Western Thunderer

    712-Radlet/St Albans/Luton went for £500 & 712 Morden,Epsom,Dorking for £200 which you likely know seems the rough mean average for Green Line plates.Dunno any results for 706/713 though if you're like me with my Brighton Line Totems and Targets you'll not likely part with them .Hope you don't mind a short modest meander from the modelling----------------
  13. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    No worries whatsoever.

    Too right - the 301, 706, 712/713 and United Counties 6 E plates have memories as I have travelled and lived on these routes.

    SR style totems I presume :).... and not the BR 'hot dog' or 'sausage'.
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    Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Not much tonight - just the driver door grab and door handles....

    RT 4751 39.jpg
  15. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Hi Pete

    What are the dimensions of the Gibson case (ticket machine rather than the Les Paul...!) I'm thinking of knocking one up for the conductors cubby hole.
  16. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    And the clipboard with the duty roster.
  17. Peter Insole

    Peter Insole Western Thunderer

    Dave, that would be a bit of fun - even though I suspect that leaving it in the "cubby hole" rather than putting it away in the locker would be an instant dismissal offence for the conductor?! After all, the case contained cash!

    An irresistible bit of fun though, so here are the dimensions:

    In plan; 12" long by 8" wide. Depth 6".

    SAM_7901.JPG SAM_7902.JPG SAM_7903.JPG SAM_7904.JPG

    Gibson shown for size - can measure that along with the harness as well later (when I get home from work this evening!),

    if you are tempted to go the whole hog that is...?!

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    Well, there will have to be a chippy on board, won’t there?
  19. Dog Star

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    Interesting, roast hog and chips, mind boggles.
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    Doh! Clippy!

    Obviously my stomach was thinking about something else!
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