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    Whenever I've thought of this kind of scheme, I've wondered about using things like parades of shops - a mix of late Victorian or Edwardian three or more storey shops, a Neo-Geo parade from the '30s and squat, square post-war blocks (which could always serve as a scenic wall in front of a fiddle yard) or a stand of parkland trees. If you were really brave and had the height, part or all of a mansion block or a portion of a local authority tower?

    Admittedly, I'm thinking of the run towards Kew on the District which has it's fair share of ups and downs around Acton (I had the misfortune to live in Ealing for a year) and the Picc', but north and east London have scope for similar elements of a railway up in the air, which I rather like.

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    I have something like this in mind (excuse the poor drawing).

    Using the aborted Northern Line extension beyond Edgware into Bushey (Aldenham) and Elstree as the inspiration. In my scenario part of the infrastructure was built but never finished due to WWII. So a shuttle will run on the track with the sand drag and the small yard shunted by steam.

    I like the idea of a small Art-Deco mansion block as shown which will also act as the view block. The other end may have a small goods shed or even an engine shed!

    At the end of the day it the impression of an outer suburb I'd like to create and the time period set by the street furniture and vehicles. And to be instantly recognisable as a 1930-40s London Transport development scheme.

    Rawlinson End 04.jpg
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    Great idea for something very different in a lot of ways. Go for it. FS or S7?

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    So that's at least two classic Concrete Utilities Ltd., "Avenue 3D" lamp posts that I am going to have to make now then?!!

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    It would have been so easy to have been sucked into a twee Brill branch type layout with a traditional station building which is only a variation on a theme.....

    Not sure yet, For S7 I'd have one loco to convert - L.94. I suppose I could find out how JB's LT pannier conversion ran on Love Lane.

    The wagons would be easy - replacement wheel sets. For the track it'd be nice if there was ready to lay available as there is for P48 in the US.
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    JB’s L92 is yet to be converted. Colin Dowling will be tackling it soon. My Masterpiece L92 came in S7 with DCC and sound. I’m just finishing off an engineers train of 50’ gondola wagons for it.

    Building S7 track using Exactoscale is not as difficult as you might imagine. Go for it.

  7. Yorkshire Dave

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    With a brake van at either end as per the Watford tip workings. Will it be two BR style brake vans or a BR style and ex-Met brake van?

    In my pipeline there are: a couple of ex-Met 5 plank wagons - one for ash A. xxx and the other for slurry SL. xxx; a later 3 plank low sided goods wagon used for ballast BW. xxx and an ex-Met brake van.

    I'll also have to pick up a couple of 16T mineral wagons which the LT acquired for their Neasden power station numbered PH. xxx. (PH = Power House)
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    I have an almost built ex-Met van from a kit though I can't remember whose. I did give it to Ken de Groome, sage of all things Met, but he returned it saying it wasn't particularly accurate. The intention is to use it to top and tail the train, if for no other reason (apart from that trivial business of prototype authenticity) than that it will be easier to reverse the train when operating Love Lane. I have also thought about having an engine change at Love Lane from a battery loco to the Pannier. Now, if Ken could that E Class and F Class kit finished.

    An L.T. train at Love Lane? Rule No.1

  9. Jon Marcus

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    Yorkshire Dave - this looks like a super and unusual layout so will watch the thread with interest.

    I am hoping to finish one of the new Dapol BR Brake Vans in the LT scheme - can you clarify please - I assumed all the BR vans built for the LT had the earlier axle boxes - I thought only those you see borrowed from BR had the roller bearing ones. I have my Dapol van on order but must also check on the buffers - since you clearly have changed those as well. I am also trying to find a good lettering diagram/photo to show any smaller lettering on the body side. Do you have any suggestions ? Most garteful for any advice you can give.
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    Hi Jon

    Yes, the buffers were the first things I noticed about the LT BR style brake vans. All have self contained buffers apart from those converted in 1980 to surface and tube stock barrier/match vehicles where one end was replaced with the Ward coupler as Arun has portrayed in post #170.

    I've checked my books and the six built at Ashford for LT had plain journal axleboxes. Initially LT hired one from BR which had roller bearings but was found unsuitable for standing around for long periods in ballast trains and returned to BR. Due to the difficulty of obtaining second hand vans from BR LT ordered their own which was tacked onto a BR Ashford order.

    Likewise I have to find details of the smaller body lettering and am always hunting down LT photos.

    I have built up a fair collection of LT books and some are shown in earlier posts.
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    Naturally. I also like the idea of the battery loco - a candidate for radio control DCC battery operation.

    You could always persuade the guys to lay a 3rd and 4th rail as if the LT were going to take over operation as an extension of the Central Line - just like Epping-Ongar :rolleyes: .... or is that one step too far :eek: !

    Opens up possibilities with the LT style station name boards and platform fittings propped up on the platform ready to install..... and a three car 1924 standard tube stock test train.
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    It would be if they didn't lower the platforms for deep tube stock :p
  13. Yorkshire Dave

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    Or raise the track bed! Perhaps it should be One Step Beyond...... (Madness)

    Anything is possible - they used 1938 stock on the West London Line for a while in the 1970's before the A 60/62 stock. One of my 1070's photos at Whitechapel (hasn't been post processed yet).

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    I could just model the surface buildings and pretend this is running underneath ;). However, it would require a fan hidden in the station entrance blowing warm ozone scented air in the punters faces....:p

    1938 tube stock at leaving Marylebone (formerly Great Central) on a Northbound Queen's Park service. My photo from the early 80's.

    Marylebone Bakerloo Line.jpg
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    Now you're being silly :p

    There was a layout in Railway Modeller, where it was built under the floor of a house with perspex floorboards so you could see the trains underneath, I always craved such a layout and schemed ways to do it at home, sadly living in a 100+ year cottage and parents who didn't seem to understand it never came to fruition. Many years later I wondered if the date of the magazine was April, I've never found a copy since to find out.

    Thinking about it, doesn't/didn't the LMR lines out Euston mix freely with the NLL (joined at Primrose Hill I think) and deep tube stock from Queens park out toward Watford. I thought the tube stock terminated at Queens Park but do dimly recall going onward and through the carriage shed to stations further on, not sure if it was tube stock or NLL EMU's.

    It was all such a long time ago, must see if I can dig my photos out at some point.
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    The subversive faction (Insole & me), have thought about the extra rails. The train would have to be Q stock, as mixed as possible. 4 car would be enough.

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  17. Paul Cambridge

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    If I recall, the page was dated 1st April........ I might still have that issue, but all my magazines are packed away at the moment.

    Going back to Yorkshire Dave’s plan. If one is going to model deep level tube stock, i.e. Northern Line, how does a coal train hauled by a pannier tank get there?
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    Mick - you are quite correct. The Bakerloo line trains surfaced at Queens Park where some turn round. Some used to run as far as Watford, but for many years have been turned round at Harrow & Wealdstone.

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    Ah, cheers :thumbs:

    Quite a lot of deep tube lines run out to the burbs where the loading gauge is less restricted, though I think Dave is heading more toward Met stock and that area of London.
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    As opposed to the 'other' subversive faction (Colin and I) who wanted to add OHL and run EMU's :D
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